Bidets Benefit People with Alzheimer’s ..and Alzheimer Caregivers too!

Alzheimer’s Disease is an awful disease that slowly robs one of their memories, the ability to think as you always have and your reasoning skills. Eventually the disease will leave the individual with the need for a full time caregiver. And the need for a caregiver may not come after the mind has gone.. it may be necessary while you still have cognitive skills. Meaning their dignity is jeopardized as well. Having a Sanitary Bidet can help with these things. A Sanitary Bidet is a great way to ensure one gets clean and stays germ free. Making bathroom visits easier on both caregiver and Alzheimer’s patient.

sanitary bidet - affordable bidetSanitary Bidets conveniently attach to the toilet you already have which means you won’t have to do anything special to install it. They give you a fresh spray of water after you go alleviating the need for toilet paper and guaranteeing the individual will get clean without touching anything that could spread germs. This will help the Alzheimer’s patient to retain their dignity, stay clean and fresh and continue to have as much normalcy as possible. It’s also a great substitute for sponge bathing those discreet private areas. That’s something that can be embarrassing and even painful (the use of a rough washcloth) for the patient. Especially if the caregiver is a member of the opposite sex. With a Sanitary Bidet, an Alzheimer patient will get clean all on their own. Retaining their independence and pride.

A Sanitary Bidet can allow an Alzheimer’s patient to remain in their own home longer. Giving them independence and comfort in taking care of their own needs. It’s simple to set up and even easier to use. Helping those with Alzheimer’s to reduce the risk of infections by increasing their hygiene and eliminating the need for toilet paper and the risk of further spreading germs as their hands need never get close to them in order to get clean. Making life easier on any caregivers and giving the patient more independence and dignity. If you’ve never considered a Sanitary Bidet before make the move now. Once you attach and use it, you will not know how you survived without it.

Sanitary Bidets are made by Wolf Products, A Texas based manufacturer, located in Humble Tx.
Visit the website of Sanitary Bidet at or call them at 1-877-401-7252

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