LST 218 Signal Man Ramond Devere Johnson Seeking Shipmates for a Reunion

Calling all World War II Veterans who served on the LST 218.LST 218 Shipmate Reunion Search

Ramond Devere Johnson was a Signal Man on LST 218 in World War ll.

He would like to arrange a reunion of his former shipmates.

LST 218 was a Tank Landing Ship that saw action in the Pacific Theater during WWII.LST 218

LST 218 was part of:

  • LST Flotilla 5 under Captain JR Clark
  • LST Group Fourteen under Lieutenant Commander KL Deforest, USNR
  • LST Division Twenty-Seven

From our research, highlights from LST 218 during World War II include:

  • Gilbert Islands Operations. November 21 to December 8, 1943
  • Marshall Islands Operations. Occupation of Kwajale and Majuro Atolls Jan 31 to February 8, 1944
  • Marshal Islands Operations. Occupation of Eniwetok Atoll. February 17-23, 1944.
  • Tinian Operations. Capture and Occupation. July 24 to August 10 1944.
  • Marianas Operations. Capture and Occupation of Saipan. June 15 – August 10, 1944.

LST 218 received several awards during and shortly after World War II:

  • Navy Occupation Medal (2 awards)
  • Four Battle Stars

Do you know a World War II Veteran who served on the LST 218?

Ramond Devere Johnson would love to talk with them about a reunion of shipmates.

LST 218 Reunion Planning

Click here for the Reunion Page to start planning a reunion.

Would you like to find comrades you served with during World War II?

Send us an E-mail to or Post the information on our SETX Seniors Facebook Page.

LST 218 World War II

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