Paula Deen encourages you to take a walk in her footsteps and start seeing diabetes in a new light

Paula Dean(BPT) – Over the past year, Paula Deen and her sons, Bobby and Jamie, have partnered with Novo Nordisk on Diabetes in a New Light(R), a national initiative to help adults find simple ways to manage everyday challenges associated with type 2 diabetes. Through Diabetes in a New Light(R), they have developed delicious diabetes-friendly recipes and visited cities across the country to meet with those with type 2 diabetes. Below, Paula offers an inside look into the changes she’s been making and how her dedication to diabetes management has yielded big results.

What have you been doing to improve your health in the past year?

Since announcing I have type 2 diabetes last year, I’ve been making small changes to improve my health, and I’ve seen big results. Now, by sharing the changes I’ve made to manage my disease, I want to encourage those of you with type 2 diabetes to walk in my footsteps and make one small change to better control your disease. This change could be eating healthier, getting more exercise, working to lower your blood sugar or talking to your doctor about your medication.

What are some things you have learned over the past year?

I’ve learned that small changes can go a long way and have a big impact on diabetes management. I’ve been eating healthier and have recreated some of my favorite recipes to make them diabetes-friendly.

I also exercise more and stay on top of my blood sugar levels. I try to keep stress to a minimum and have found it’s helpful to surround myself with positivity. I make sure I do what I love – my newest favorite hobbies are watercolors, shelling or planting in my garden.

How have you been altering your daily diet?

I’ve been changing the design of my plate. I’ve learned that what’s on my plate and portion size are real important. I’m careful about how many carbs I eat and I make sure to double up on my veggies at every meal.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is trying to manage their type 2 diabetes?

Make exercise part of your daily routine. I walk about a mile a day on the treadmill and around my neighborhood. I used to hate exercise but now my sneakers have never seen so much action. This makes me feel healthy and gives me the boost that I need.

How do you work with your doctor?

It’s been real helpful to work closely with my doctor to understand my blood sugar levels and make sure that I’m on the right medication. I also make sure to take my medication as prescribed. This helps me stay on track with my regimen and ensure my diabetes is under control.

What is the Seeing Diabetes in a New Light(R) contest?

I want to hear the positive changes you’ve made to manage your type 2 diabetes. I’m a big believer that sharing your story can not only motivate yourself, but also inspire others to take care of their health. Enter to win by telling us the positive changes you, or your loved one with type 2 diabetes, are taking to manage your diabetes. I’ll also be asking you to make a commitment to just one small change to help control your health. We’ll be picking six of y’all to come to Savannah to experience my hometown and walk in my footsteps while spending some time with me for a cozy lunch together. Y’all will also get to go on a guided walking tour and enjoy some other fun-filled activities.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity, so visit the Diabetes in a New Light(R) website to enter the contest and for tips on managing your diabetes. Official Rules for submission are available by visiting

Visit to learn more about the changes Paula is making toward living a healthy well-balanced life. There, you can also find delicious and diabetes-friendly recipes that Paula, and her sons Bobby and Jamie, have been whipping up as part of Diabetes in a New Light(R) as well as helpful tips and resources for managing type 2 diabetes.

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