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On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior Safety, we look at emergency preparation.

Southeast Texas seniors have seen a lot of natural disasters over the years. Hurricanes certainly top the list, but we have also faced floods, drought, forest and swamp fires, and the occasional freakish winter storm. 

There are some things we can do to be prepared for emergencies. On we will be chronicling some of these in the coming weeks. Many of the ideas will come from FEMA research that we will modify for Southeast Texas seniors.

One good step is putting together an emergency kit.

With a hurricane or major fire, you may be stranded in your home or on the road for a couple of days without access to the store. You’ll want to have a few things to make that time more bearable.

First, of course, you need to take care of the basic survival needs: Food, water, clean air, and shelter.

While you are planning your kits, consider making two. One for your home and one for your vehicle. Active Southeast Texas seniors won’t want to be caught in an emergency while on a trip and be reminded of the great emergency kit they have in their home. Having one in your vehicle is a great backup.

Here are some things to include in your kit:

Water. One gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. You can use the water fro drinking, cooking, and keeping things clean.

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Food. You’ll want at least three days of food on hand. If you go with canned goods, make sure you have a can opener and something to heat the food with. Try to choose something you actually like- eating food that tastes good will make the time pass much more tolerably.

Battery powered (with extra batteries) or hand crank radio. There is something super comforting about hearing a human voice explain what is going on and when to expect help (rescuers, power to come back on, roads to be cleared, flooding to subside).

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Flashlight with extra batteries. Deep down, everything seems worse in the dark. Give yourself light and you’ll feel much, much better about everything.

First aid kit. Either make your own or add to the one you buy. Most don’t have enough batteries, gauze, or tape should you get into a real emergency. Try to make sure you have on hand the things you’re really likely to need.

Whistle or air horn to signal for help. We have all heard about the Southeast Texas families who were trapped in their attics in the last round of hurricanes. It is very important to be able to loudly signal for help.

Dust mask, plastic sheeting, and duct tape. Smoke kills far more people than fire. These things can help buy you some time and comfort.

Moist towelettes, toilet paper, ziploc bags, garbage bags, and plastic ties. You’ll want to be as removed from trash and personal sanitation items as possible. These will let you handle most sanitation related items.

Wrench or Pliers. If you burst a pipe, you’ll want to get that water turned off quickly.

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Generators can be a life saver – or a killer. Be safe when using a portable generator.

Local maps: That nice GPS in your car or phone may not work as well during a disaster.

Distractions: Emergencies involve a lot of sitting and waiting. Include a few books you’ve always wanted to read, a puzzle you can put together, knitting or quilting supplies, whatever you need to take your mind off the emergency at hand.

Do you have a pet? It is a good idea to have backup pet food, water, and a travel cage handy for them as well.

Stay safe Southeast Texas seniors!

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We hope today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior Safety has been helpful.

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