Seniors Date Night: “The Artist”

For many of us, our first date was to see a movie. Some of us may have called it “the show” or “the pictures”, but the experience was the same- a couple of hours in a dark, air conditioned room with someone we wanted to get to know better, escaping from the reality of daily life.
To this day, when someone says “first date” I picture two teenagers blushing when their hands touch in the popcorn bowl. However, many are having new first dates after a divorce or spouse’s passing. Many couples who have been together forever are also rediscovering the fun of “dating” their spouse. When the nest is empty, there is more time for getting to know each other again.
The movies remain a great first date option, the action and dialogue on the screen negating the need to make witty banter.
Most of today’s seniors are much too young to have had their first dates at a silent film, but there is a great film about the silent era coming to DVD this week. The film is “The Artist”, a classic end of an era tale. In the 20s, silent film stars were the rock stars of their day. They commanded top salaries, they were written about endlessly in newspapers (speaking of eras ending), and they lived extravagantly. A silent actor with a great voice could transition seamlessly to “the talkies”. An actor with a less pleasing voice… could find himself waiting tables.
“The Artist” is set in 1927 and tells the story of George Valentin, one of silent film’s greatest stars. He had it all- money, fame, and countless fans. Then, sound comes to Hollywood. George Valentin will not be able to make the transition. Like the closing of a door, his career is over.
The film is shot both in black and white- and it is silent. I know it sounds like that would be challenging to watch and enjoy, but viewers and critics alike are in rare agreement- both gambles work and the film is fun, beautiful and seems like you’re enjoying something special- making it perfect for a senior date night.
Check out The Artist today on DVD or Blue Ray. Whether it’s a first date with someone new or a 5000th date with your spouse, the film is sure to recapture some of the magic from your first movie date.

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