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Beaumont Girl’s Softball League

Youth sports are supposed to be fun- and inclusive. As a Southeast Texas grandparent, you are probably very sensitive to making sure your grandchildren are able to participate in the sports that they enjoy and that the leagues they join are fun, respectful, and help your grandchild grow.

If a girl in your life hasn’t felt fully included, Beaumont Girls Softball is the answer.

The league prides itself on reaching out to and completely including girls of all experience and skill levels. The goal is to allow all girls to play and enjoy the wonderful game of softball. The league has a mission of not only teaching softball skills, but helping girls develop character, maturity, and a belief in themselves.

The league is based in Beaumont with girls participating from all over Southeast Texas – Lumberton, Mid County, Lumberton, Fannett, and the surrounding area.

The league serves Golden Triangle girls from five years to fourteen years of age. The popularity of the league is evident in the number of girls who continue to re-register each season and who recommend the league to friends.

Registration is now open for the spring season which will run from March through mid-May. All Stars will start after the spring season ends. There will also be a district tournament and a state tournament, both in June.

If you’ve participated in other Southeast Texas youth sports leagues, there are some things you’ll really like about Beaumont Girls Softball.

First, the board meetings are open to the public and scheduled for times and locations that make them convenient for most working parents and grandparents.

Second, the league works very hard to communicate proactively with families to minimize the number of last minute schedule changes- this is a huge help, making it easier for you to manage your schedule.

Third, the group works hard to give girls the tools to continually improve, including negotiating a special league rate for their girls who are interested in attending the Lamar softball camps. Finally, the group is enthusiastic and their enthusiasm is contagious. Everyone from coaches, to volunteers, to the girls on the field are having a good time. It’s nice to be part of a group where everyone has a common goal and is happily working together to move forward.

If you have grandchildren in another local sports league you think highly of, shoot me a message. I’d be happy to share your message with other Southeast Texas grandparents.  I am sure they will appreciate your insights.

League: Beaumont Girls Softball League For all other inquiries, please email Gulf Coast Girls Softball League directly at

Please direct all mail correspondence to:

Gulf Coast Girls Softball League
148 S. Dowlen
Box 807
Beaumont, TX 77707

Registration: Now open for the spring season

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