SETX Seniors Health Alert: Prenatal Smoke Exposure Linked to Adolescent Hearing Loss

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur is dedicated to preventing hearing loss for Southeast Texas senior citizens. In today’s SETX Senior medical note, Trinity Hearing and Balance has information on how Southeast Texas seniors can help prevent hearing loss in future generations.

Southeast Texas Seniors are in a unique position to advocate for their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Two out of three Golden Triangle seniors will be affected by hearing loss. Thankfully, most of us will make it into our 50s, 60s, or 70s before we require treatment. When we do, a Southeast Texas hearing expert like Port Arthur’s Trinity Hearing and Balance can treat us and get us hearing as good as new (or better for some of us!).

For some of our grand children and great grandchildren, the road could be much tougher.

mid county senior hearing aid - mid county senior hearing doctorPre-natal exposure to cigarette smoking has been strongly linked to adolescent hearing loss.

Essentially, when our children and grandchildren are being exposed to smoke while they are in the womb, they are dramatically more likely to suffer hearing loss earlier in life- at the very sensitive adolescent stage.

Southeast Texas seniors (at least 2/3 of us!) understand how hearing loss affects our lives.

We are motivated to spare our loved ones from experiencing that loss decades before they otherwise would.

Here are somethings Southeast Texas seniors can do to assist their future grandchildren and great grandchildren:

  • Make sure mothers understand the risks of smoking while pregnant. It is very hard to quit, but ultimately it is your grandchild who will pay the price.
  • Seniors should not smoke around the mother. Second hand smoke is just as likely to cause adolescent hearing loss.
  • Choose venues – dining, entertainment, with smoking in mind. Choose non-smoking venues or venues with a well defined non-smoking area.

When we were young, we didn’t understand many of the things that would eventually lead to our hearing loss – working in industrial settings, hunting, being there for the birth of rock and roll.

If you haven’t had your own hearing loss addressed, make today the day. Make an appointment with Trinity Hearing and Balance Center in Port Arthur. They have the experience to restore your hearing.

Golden Triangle Seniors will be amazed at home much having your hearing restored affects our overall quality of life – and our ability to truly enjoy every day.

A special thank-you to Trinity Hearing and Balance for sponsoring today’s message.

Trinity Hearing and Balance is dedicated to assisting Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss and all of their hearing aid needs.

Trinity Hearing and Balance – the Port Arthur hearing aid specialists.

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