Southeast Texas Auto Review: Nissan Murano is Redesigned for 2015

SETX Seniors has launched our Southeast Texas Auto Review to give senior car buyers more information about new car models before they buy.

There are dozens and dozens of models for Southeast Texas car buyers to choose from – we’ll bring you information to help you find the ideal vehicle for you.

Today we’re looking at the newly redesigned 2015 Nissan Murano.

The Nissan Murano is a popular crossover – sporty, higher ground clearance than a car, smaller than an SUV.

2015 Nissan Murano Infographic - Back

The Murano has long been popular with Southeast Texas seniors for some of their award winning cross over features:

  • It’s got some SUV features like higher ground clearance, making it dirt road friendly (you can comfortably take it Sam Rayburn or even to deer camp) without being too big.
  • It’s sporty without guzzling gas (up to 28mpg highway).
  • It has room to enjoy a weekend trip with your grandchildren.

Nissan Murano Jasper Tx

The newly redesigned Murano has even more features for Southeast Texas seniors to love- and more awards, being named by Popular Science as “Best of What’s New”.

Here are some of the features that are wowing national car reviewers and Southeast Texas car buyers:

  • Fighter jet inspired floating roof (see the sky from both the front seat and the back – a very popular feature with Southeast Texas grandchildren).
  • 260 Horsepower – road trip anyone? Austin? San Antonio River Walk? New Orleans?
  • Ample Storage. Christmas shopping? Remodeling? The back seat easily slides down to make room for a trip to Home Depot, Central Mall, or HEB.
  • Designed for Communication – the console area has been opened up to make it easier for those in the front seat and back seat to talk- make plans, laugh, and reminisce. There are also front and back USB ports that allow you to play music through the 2015 Murano’s high tech sound system – and even to project to the communication screen.

Nissan Murano Southeast Texas Car Review 2015

One comment is heard over and over buy those who test drive the Murano – it’s fun to drive.

Whether you’re heading in for a day at the plant, taking a much needed road trip, or visiting your grandkids you’ll be comfortable and engaged in the 2015 Nissan Murano, available at Nissan of Silsbee.

Test drive your 2015 Murano today:

Nissan of Silsbee

3480 Hwy 96 Bypass in Silsbee.

Nissan of Silsbee Phone: 409-299-3221

Click here for the Nissan of Silsbee homepage – or to schedule your Test Drive.

Silsbee Nissan SETX Senior Car Enthusiasts

We hope today’s edition of the Southeast Texas Auto Review has been helpful.

The Nissan Murano is a great choice for Southeast Texas senior car buyers looking for a quality crossover vehicle. The Murano offers performance, comfort, storage, and it can handle our Southeast Texas roads (and some offroad excursions as well).

We know that there are lots of models for Southeast Texas car buyers to choose from. We also understand some models are better than others for our Southeast Texas seniors.

With our Southeast Texas Auto Review series we’ll help you find models that have the features you’ve told us are important – quality, drivability, resale value, gas mileage, comfort, and ability to accommodate family, friends, and grandchildren.

We’ll work to bring you information on different models so you can decide which ones to test drive.

Stay tuned for more Southeast Texas Auto reviews right here on

Nissan Murano Silsbee Tx

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