Southeast Texas Home Health and Senior Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a growing concern for Southeast Texas seniors.

Southeast Texas home health can help seniors manage their diabetes care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

The diagnosis of diabetes is frequently not even included in the hospital records of people who have diabetes.

In the hospital environment, treatment of high blood glucose levels is often ignored in senior citizens or given a secondary importance.

Hyperglycemia in Southeast Texas seniors can cause poor sleep, nocturnal falls, incontinence, dehydration, impaired mobility, falls, and visual disturbances that interfere with self administration of insulin.

In the hospital environment, too often diabetes is often put on the back burner of SETX Senior health care.

As hospitals continue to shorten patient lengths of stay due to cost concerns, Southeast Texas home health care is increasingly important in addressing the needs of Southeast Texas senior diabetes patients at home. Your Golden Triangle home health provider can ensure that your diabetes is factored into your overall treatment and not put on the back burner.

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The Southeast Texas Home Health  environment is more comfortable for patients, offers less risk of infection, saves health care dollars, and lends itself to the promotion of ongoing strategies to improve patients’ quality of life.

Your Southeast Texas Home Care provider can create a diabetes management plan for their SETX senior patients.

Call Harbor Home Health today to find out how they can assist you in ensuring your diabetes is a key focus of your overall medical treatment: (409) 835-1670.

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