Southeast Texas Senior hearing loss- Get in the Hearing Loop by Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur TX

For Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss, life can be harder than it has to be. Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands- and they have solutions.

Have you heard about hearing loops? They are just one new technology that you can get from Trinity Hearing and Balance, the Nederland Tx hearing aid specialists.

Imagine you’re at the airport. There are lots of delays and confusion begins for everyone. Everyone else that is.  You have a high tech hearing aid from Trinity Hearing and Balance in Port Arthur so all information is directly “looped” to your hearing aid giving you instant information when you need it most. No chaos or concern for you. You have your own personal announcer in your ear letting you know all about what’s going on through your handy little “hearing loop”.

Trinity Hearing and Balance Nederland TX

While airports run information over loudspeakers it’s difficult to make out even for people with no hearing issues. If you’re a Southeast Texas senior with hearing loss (even minimal hearing loss), the chaos in an airport can make an already difficult situation impossible.

The new hearing loop installed in many airports makes it simple. It takes that broadcast and puts it directly into your ear through your hearing device. How incredibly cool is that!

Golden Triangle seniors will find the hearing loop not only in many airports but also bus terminals, and train stations as well. It will also turn up soon  in Southeast Texas churches and other places of worship.

Other places Southeast Texas seniors can find the hearing loop include:

  • movie theaters
  • courtrooms
  • theaters

Southeast Texas seniors also set the system up in their homes to listen to television more clearly. It’s a truly amazing advancement in hearing technology that turns your compatible hearing device into your own personal mini surround system.

There have been other systems but nothing like hearing loop. The other systems required the use of headphones or other special equipment, all things that drew attention to your impairment.  With hearing loop works with Southeast Texas senior hearing aids available at Trinity Hearing and Balance and is not problematic at all for anyone else. They won’t even know it’s in use.

Pretty cool that something so state of the art is available right here at our Southeast Texas hearing aid specialist Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur.

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Get the latest hearing aid technology – without leaving Southeast Texas!

Just imagine a world where your hearing device doubles as your own surround sound. Your very own personal sound system! Imagine the possibilities.

To have your hearing checked, for hearing aids, and for hearing care in Southeast Texas, call Trinity Hearing and Balance in Port Arthur.

Trinity Hearing and Balance is the Southeast Texas hearing aid specialist.

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