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On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior News we take a look at Funeral Catering in Beaumont TX.

When you think ahead to your Southeast Texas funeral reception, you probably imagine the food that will be served to your guests.

It wasn’t long ago that after Beaumont area funerals, friends and family brought over their best dishes and families had more food than they knew what to do with.

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What will be served at your SETX funeral reception?

In the last few years, there has been a trend of people bringing sandwiches and store bought cookies. Who wants that to be the meal served in our memory?

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Does your family love eating at The Beau Reve? Have them cater your funeral reception.

When you’re making your Southeast Texas funeral arrangement plans, incorporate the catering for your Beaumont Texas funeral reception.

Here are three ideas that can help make your SETX funeral reception both special and memorable.

  1. Incorporate foods that are special to your friends and family. Did you always make pancakes for your kids growing up? Was that your special meal together? Sure it’s non-traditional, but have a pancake bar at your funeral reception. Your kids will be deeply touched at the opportunity to share this memory of time with you one last time – and moved that it was important enough to you to incorporate it into your funeral planning. Did your mom make tamales for special occasions? Your funeral certainly qualifies. Have a local expert like La Suprema in Nederland make tamales for your SETX funeral reception.
  2. Let the menu set the tone for your SETX funeral reception. It’s hard to cry while you’re eating ice cream. A local caterer like Chuck’s Catering or Bando’s can put together a fun and special ice cream station for your end of life celebration. Sharing memories of your life over hot fudge sundaes will keep the tone of your funeral reception upbeat.
  3. Most Southeast Texas families have their restaurant. A friend of mine and his family go to La Suprema in Nederland at least once a week. Your family has a “go to” place for family birthdays and get togethers. Maybe it’s rib night at Boomtown Barbecue or jazz brunch at Suga’s? Wherever it is, consider having that special SETX restaurant cater your Southeast Texas funeral reception. If you’re a regular, they’ll be touched to be a part of your celebration – and they already know what you like!
Funeral Catering Pancake Bar Southeast Texas

If pancakes were your family’s special meal, it’s okay to serve them at your reception.

Planning your Southeast Texas funeral reception ahead of time can be a wonderful blessing for your family and it gives you the opportunity to make it more special for your guests.

Making the food you’ve shared over a lifetime the food you share with them one last time has a deep emotional impact.

If you would like help pre-arranging your funeral and reception, Lumberton Family Funeral Home can help.

They have a passion for making funerals a reflection of the lives we’ve lived.

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Funeral Planning Southeast Texas – Lumberton Family Funeral Home

There are lots of reasons to pre-arrange your funeral – for your peace of mind, for your family, and financial.

Reach out to the experts at Lumberton Family Funeral Home with questions or for advice.

It’s your life – make sure it’s celebrated your way.

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Lumberton Family Funeral Home Staff

Lumberton Family Funeral Home Southeast Texas funeral planning

We hope today’s edition of the Southeast Texas Senior News has been helpful.

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