Southeast Texas Seniors Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans Courtesy of the EPO Physician Network


EPO – Eastex Physician Network is dedicated to helping Southeast Texas seniors answer Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan questions.

For Southeast Texas seniors, making a choice between Original Medicare and a private Medicare Advantage Plan can be a challenge.

One group of Southeast Texas physicians and medical providers is focused on ensuring that Southeast Texas senior citizens receive the highest quality over every phase of their medical care. East Texas Physician Organization is dedicated to making sure that Golden Triangle seniors have the information they need to make an informed decision about choosing Original Medicare or a private Medicare Advantage Plan.

To this end, they have asked to provide Southeast Texas seniors with some information about Medicare Advantage Plans.

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EPO Guide to Medicare Advantage Questions

The state of Texas has actually prepared a list of advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans for Texas seniors on their website.

Here are a few of the advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans for Southeast Texas Seniors.

  • Cost if you rarely visit doctors. If you rarely have to go to a doctor, your out-of-pocket costs will generally be lower with a Medicare Advantage Plan than if you enroll in original Medicare and buy a Medicare supplement policy. Some Medicare Advantage plans don’t charge a premium in addition to the Medicare Part B premium but will have deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments that you’ll have to pay. If you see doctors frequently, the plan may cost more even if you don’t pay a premium to the plan.
  • Benefits. Medicare Advantage plans might provide more benefits than original Medicare. Some plans may also offer non-health benefits, such as transportation.
  • Prescription coverage. Some Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug benefits cover some prescriptions without a gap in coverage.
  • Health history disregard. You can generally enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan regardless of your health history, unless you have end-stage renal disease. A Medicare Advantage plan can’t drop you if you are diagnosed with end-stage renal disease after you’ve joined the plan.
  • Services under age 65. Medicare Advantage plans may offer more services, and at a lower cost, for people under age 65. People under age 65 who remain in original Medicare have fewer options for supplementing their Medicare coverage. Insurance companies in Texas are required only to offer Medicare Supplement Plan A to those under 65 and a beneficiary of Medicare.
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Helping Southeast Texas Seniors make the best choice for their healthcare needs

Hopefully this has provided some useful information on Medicare Advantage Plans.

You can find more detailed information on or on

The doctors and medical providers of Eastex Physicians Organization are committed to assisting Southeast Texas seniors with every level of their medical care.

If you have additional questions about Medicare Advantage plans, call EPO (800) 564-6376.

They will help you find someone to answer your questions appropriately.

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