Southeast Texas Seniors Safety Tips from your friends at Entergy: Home Generators


Southeast Texas seniors have weathered a number of deadly hurricanes. Carla, Rita, Ike, and more. There have also been horrible winter ice storms, Spring tornadoes, and other dangerous weather events across Southeast Texas.

Many of these storms have caused wide spread power outages.

One of the things Southeast Texans learn about hurricanes is that after right after the gale force winds blow past, there is a period of brutal hot, humid, stagnant weather.

A portable generator can be a life saver- or a killer.

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Courtesy of Entergy

Generators bring power where you need it.

Portable, gasoline-driven generators can be used to bring electricity to construction sites, recreational areas, and other remote locations.

Small appliances, lights, and pumps can be plugged directly into outlets on portable generators.

Generators can be a life saver - or a killer. Be safe when using a portable generator.

Generators can be a life saver – or a killer. Be safe when using a portable generator.

Transfer switches are essential for backup generators.

In the event of an outage, the only safe way to run electricity through your home wiring with a generator is to use a manual or automatic transfer switch. This switch will isolate your home wiring from power lines so the electricity runs through your home but does not get sent back out onto the lines.

If you do not use a transfer switch, the generator will send electricity back onto power lines. This could suddenly result in a very dangerous situation: a downed line in an area of an outage could become “live” with electricity from the generator, or utility workers who expect certain power lines to be dead due to outage might suddenly find them energized.

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If you aren’t sure how to SAFELY install your generator get help from a local electrician.

Use extension cords safely.

Use only UL-listed, three-prong extension cords with generators. Plug the appliance into the extension cord first, and then plug the extension cord into the generator outlet.

If you use a generator for backup power, make sure it has a transfer switch to disconnect it from power lines. Units without these switches can endanger utility workers.

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A home generator can be a blessing for Southeast Texas seniors.

Always remember the most important thing is your safety. An improperly installed generator can cause injury or death.

If you would like additional information from Entergy on safely installing home generators, please contact here.

If you have any doubts, please contact a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of your home and family.

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