Southeast Texas Senior Outing: Neches River Adventures

One great Southeast Texas Senior Outing is a river cruise in “The Ivory Bill” for their Neches River Adventures. SETX Senior fun abounds aboard the Ivory Bill as it cruises this amazing Southeast Texas waterway. Seniors enjoy learning about the unique ecosystems along the Neches River with their dense bottomland forests of hardwoods and pine trees. The Neches River Bottoms are home to more than 200 tree species, 47 mammals, 300 birds and many reptiles and amphibians. Reservations... Read More

Southeast Texas Seniors Support Boy Scout Troop 106 at the South Texas State Fair

Southeast Texas seniors enjoy the South Texas State Fair. In a lot of ways, a great Golden Triangle festival takes us back to our youth. We also enjoy sharing the South Texas State Fair with our grandchildren. Many of us remember money being TIGHT when we were at the fair – some years there wasn’t money for rides. Some there wasn’t money for that enticing South Texas State Fair food. When we can, we like to let our grandchildren get their fill, both of carnival... Read More

Beaumont Seniors Enjoy Girls’ Haven Gumbo Fest this Saturday

Beaumont seniors looking for a fun activity this weekend will enjoy Girls’ Haven Gumbo Fest 2014 on Saturday. Each year, Girl’s Haven hosts a giant festival in the parking lot of Parkdale Mall.  Beaumont seniors who attend will enjoy: Delicious gumbo (choose from chicken and sausage or seafood) Live music The opportunity to meet up with old friends – or make new friends In addition, Gumbo Fest is a great family activity- many Beaumont grandparents will bring... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.