SETX Seniors Resource: Harbor Hospice Testimonial

Perhaps the best way to understand what hospice provides for Southeast Texas seniors and their families is to hear from the families of local people who have chosen hospice. SETX Seniors will be running a series of Southeast Texas hospice testimonials to provide valuable insight into what hospice has to offer. Southeast Texas seniors have increasingly chosen hospice as a way to live on their own terms. On we have been assisting Southeast Texas seniors and their... Read More

Beaumont Senior Medical Information: Who is eligible for Hospice Care? Harbor Hospice.

When you’re looking for Beaumont senior medical and health information, SETX Seniors is here to help. Today we look at eligibility for hospice care in Southeast Texas. Southeast Texas Hospice Care has grown significantly over the last two decades. This has led to more and more requests from Beaumont seniors about hospice care- what hospice care is, what hospice care offers, and who is eligible for hospice. Today on, we’re working to answer that last... Read More

Introduction to Southeast Texas Hospice Care for Golden Triangle Seniors from Harbor Hospice

Have you been looking for a useful introduction to Southeast Texas hospice care? SETX Seniors is hear to help. Golden Triangle seniors hear about hospice care pretty often these days. By now, most of us have a friend or loved one who has been assisted by hospice care. We hear about hospice a lot, but more information is always helpful. Hospice care is a philosophy of care that accepts dying as a natural part of life. When death is inevitable, hospice seeks neither to hasten nor... Read More

Beaumont Senior Medical Information: Hospice Enrollment Guide from Harbor Hospice Southeast Texas

Each year, more and more Southeast Texas seniors choose Hospice care. Should you choose Southeast Texas Hospice care for yourself or a loved one, what can you expect during the enrollment process? Often, Southeast Texas seniors and their families are referred to Southeast Texas hospice care by a physician or other medical  professional (Southeast Texas nursing home, hospital discharge planner, etc.). In other cases, a Beaumont senior and their family contact the hospice directly... Read More

Beaumont Senior Medical Guide – Introduction to Southeast Texas Hospice Care

Many Beaumont seniors have friends and loved ones who have chosen Hospice to assist them in giving them the best quality of life when facing a terminal illness or accident. Despite the growth of Southeast Texas Hospice Care over the past two decades, many Southeast Texas seniors are still uncertain of what exactly Hospice encompasses. This is a brief Southeast Texas Hospice Care inroduction that should be helpful for assisting Golden Triangle senior citizens in understanding what... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.