Southeast Texas Senior Recipes – How Will You Pass Them On?

Southeast Texas Senior Recipes – Will this be the Christmas you pass them on? Taste is linked to memory. This is keenly true in Southeast Texas, and it is true worldwide Southeast Texas seniors hold the secret family recipes that unlock the true essence of Christmas. How long have you been the guardian of your family’s memories? Is this the year to share the recipes with a worthy family member (or members)? Too often our heirloom Southeast Texas recipes are held for... Read More

Beaumont Senior Assistance – Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont Food Pantry

Beaumont senior food assistance is available through the Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont food pantry. Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont Tx has committed to providing a food pantry for Beaumont seniors and the Beaumont community the third Tuesday of each month. Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont Phone: (409) 898-0249 Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont Address: 6750 Highway 105 in Beaumont TX Website for Friendship Baptist Church Beaumont Texas      Read More

Southeast Texas Agency Provides Medicare Answers – sponsored by Eastex Physician’s Network – EPO

Medicare is a blessing for seniors in Southeast Texas and nationwide. It doesn’t always seem like that though, does it? Sometimes it seems super confusing and like everything you hear contradicts everything you have already heard. There is help, right here in Southeast Texas. The Area Agency on Aging has an enthusiastic well informed staff that can get you the right answers every time. They can help you with questions both on Medicare/Medicaid and your private insurance. Sometimes... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.