Introduction to Hospice Services – Courtesy of Best Hospice Care of Texas

Southeast Texas Hospice Services Hospice is one of the fastest growing elements of the Southeast Texas senior health sector. Today, we are providing an introduction to hospice for Southeast Texas seniors. Many Southeast Texans have friends and loved ones who have chosen Hospice from agencies like Best Hospice Care of Texas to assist them in giving them the best quality of life when facing a terminal illness or accident. Despite the growth of Hospice over the past two decades,... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior News – Introduction to the Harbor Foundation

Today on Southeast Texas Senior News, we look at one of the nonprofit agencies dedicated to senior care, The Harbor Foundation based right here in Beaumont Tx. Southeast Texas senior citizens are fortunate to be served by a number of wonderful national and local non-profit organizations and charitable foundations. In some case, Southeast Texas seniors often hear a foundation’s name, but we’re not sure exactly what they do- who do they serve, what services do they provide the... Read More

Southeast Texas Hospice Care Information – Courtesy of Harbor Hospice Beaumont Tx

We have a lot of readers looking for detailed Southeast Texas hospice care information. Hospice is one of the fastest growing elements of the senior health sector across Southeast Texas Today, we are providing an introduction to hospice care for our Southeast Texas senior readers. Many Southeast Texas senior citizens have close friends and family members who have chosen Southeast Texas Hospice care to assist them in giving them the best quality of life when facing a terminal illness... Read More

Beaumont Senior Citizen Resource Guide: Harbor Hospice Testimonial

On today’s Beaumont Senior Citizen’s Resource Guide, we are sharing Southeast Texas hospice testimonials. Most Beaumont senior citizens’ lives have been touched by hospice in some way. Often a friend or loved one has chosen hospice. How did they make this choice? What information is available for Beaumont seniors about hospice? To assist Beaumont seniors in learning more about hospice, will be sharing some testimonials from the family members... Read More

Southeast Texas Hospice Testimonial – Harbor Hospice Beaumont

Today’s Southeast Texas hospice testimonial is from a family who chose Harbor Hospice in Beaumont. If you are thinking about whether or not Southeast Texas hospice care is right for you, testimonials from family members of those who have chose hospice can be very helpful. We hope today’s example is helpful for you: Harbor Hospice House in Beaumont was top notch. I do not have words to express what a tremendous help they were after my grandmother chose hospice care. They took... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.