Beaumont Senior News – Senior Organ Donors ARE Welcome

Southeast Texas Health News Did you know seniors are eligible to be organ donors? Today’s Beaumont Senior News highlights information around organ donation. Many Southeast Texas seniors believe they aren’t eligible to be organ donors, but in most cases that isn’t true. SETX seniors are welcome to become organ donors. With 1.5 million Texans signed up to be organ and tissue donors, and with donations endorsed by everyone from elected officials to businesses to... Read More

SETX Senior News: Interested in Being an Organ Donor?

Health News for Seniors in Southeast Texas and Lakes Area YOU Can be an Organ Donor On Today’s SETX Senior News we look at Organ Donation. May is Older Americans Month. One of the information campaigns this month is letting Southeast Texas seniors know that they are eligible to become organ donors. Have you considered organ donation but thought you were too old?   SETX senior are encouraged to get information about organ donation. You can be a lifesaver- as an organ,... Read More

Golden Triangle Senior News – You Can be an Organ Donor

News and Resources for East Texas Seniors Did you know YOU can be an organ donor? On this edition of Golden Triangle senior news, we look at organ donation. Did you know Southeast Texas seniors are highly prized organ donors? You’re not too old to be an organ donor. With some 1.5 million Texans – including many SETX Seniors- signed up to be organ and tissue donors, and with donations endorsed by everyone from elected officials to businesses to the faith community,... Read More

Beaumont Senior News: “Grandparent Scam” continues to trick people out of money

Beaumont Senior News Beware of the “Grandparent Scam” Southeast Texas grandparents have been targeted by scammers who are working nationwide: Imagine being woken by a phone call in the middle of the night. It’s your crying grandchild or someone claiming to be a friend of theirs, who is asking for money because of an accident. Of course you want to help your loved one, so you do whatever you can in this emergency situation. You open your wallet without hesitation. Unfortunately,... Read More

SETX Senior Health News – You Can Be an Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donor

Senior Health News for the Golden Triangle and East Texas Senior Organ Donors are In Demand On today’s SETX Senior Health News we look at organ donation options for Golden Triangle senior citizens. Did you know Southeast Texas seniors are highly valued as eye, tissue, and organ donors? It’s true. If you’ve been interested in becoming an organ donor but weren’t sure how, or thought you had to be a certain age, today’s edition of SETX Senior Health... Read More

Beaumont Hospice Providers

Beaumont Hospice Providers Southeast Texas is home to some very compassionate hospice agencies. Many are experienced providing hospice care in Southeast Texas and East Texas/ The focus of Golden Triangle hospice agencies is to provide Southeast Texas senior citizens the option of spending their final days surrounded by family at home rather than by being stuck in a hospital. East Texas and Golden Triangle hospice companies will work with seniors to coordinate their care across... Read More

Caring for Your Southeast Texas Grandkids? Agencies Offer Much-Needed Help

Southeast Texas Grandparent’s Guide Help is Available for Seniors Taking Care of their Grandchildren Are you looking for information on caring for your grandkids in Southeast Texas? Almost all parents look forward to acquiring the new title of grandma or grandpa. Some get that plus one more thing: custody of  grandkids and a long-term commitment to care for them in their own homes. This is a reality for many Southeast Texas grandparents – it can be rewarding, but... Read More

Beaumont Senior Activities: Volunteering with the Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Program

Beaumont Senior Activities – Volunteer as a Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Beaumont senior volunteer programs can be a blessing both for Beaumont seniors and those they assist. The Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent program has been a wonderful organization for seniors wanting to play a meaningful role in assisting children who need their love, patience, and guidance. Beaumont seniors volunteering in the SETX Foster Grandparent program volunteer in schools, hospitals,... Read More

Post Operative Care for Southeast Texas Seniors – Outreach Home Care

Post Operative Care for Southeast Texas Seniors – Outreach Home Care As we age, it seems inevitable that we’ll eventually need one or more operations – some minor, others more serious. For many of us, we’d prefer to avoid a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation center – Southeast Texas has some good ones, but there is just something comfortable about the idea of recuperating in the comfort of our own homes. Schedule a consultation with Outreach Home Care.  This popular... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Recipes – How Will You Pass Them On?

Southeast Texas Senior Recipes – Will this be the Christmas you pass them on? Taste is linked to memory. This is keenly true in Southeast Texas, and it is true worldwide Southeast Texas seniors hold the secret family recipes that unlock the true essence of Christmas. How long have you been the guardian of your family’s memories? Is this the year to share the recipes with a worthy family member (or members)? Too often our heirloom Southeast Texas recipes are held for... Read More

Beaumont Senior Citizen Discounts – Clothing and Retail

Southeast Texas senior citizen shopping can be more fun when you save some pretty big money on clothes and retail with Beaumont senior citizen discounts. Beall’s Department Stores: 20% on Tuesdays. Ages: 50+  Dress Barn Beaumont: 10% on Tuesdays. Ages 55+ Goodwill: NO SENIOR DISCOUNTS Salvation Army: 25% every Wednesday. Ages 55+ Kohls:  15% every Wednesday. Ages 60+ Ross Stores: 10% Every Tuesday. Ages 55+ S&M Family Outlet: 20% First Tuesday of the Month. Ages 55+ Steinmart:... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.