The Advantages of Harbor Home Health Care

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You don’t have to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to know there’s no place like home! There truly is no place like home. Harbor Home Health offers Southeast Texas seniors a way to stay in their own homes. The home most seniors have lived in for decades, with all of their things surrounding them, all of their memories still in tact. Home health care allows them to remain in their home whether it’s after an injury or hospital stay, a chronic illness that requires more care than they can provide themselves, or to shorten a hospital stay. There are a host of reasons home health is a better alternative.

For many, caring for an aging loved one with an acute chronic illness can not only be taxing but in many cases it’s impossible. Which means nursing homes begin to be thought of. But allowing seniors the opportunity to remain in their own home will allow them to keep their privacy and dignity in tact. It allows seniors to continue running the show. They will continue to make decisions regarding their personal choices such as meals, schedules and the other normal activities of their daily living. Especially if the issue is a chronic illness it becomes critical for them to receive appropriate nutrition, rest, medications and medical supervision. Home health care professionals from Harbor Home Health can help the individual maintain a higher level of wellness over a longer period of time just from getting the proper care. Research is even backing it up, indicating that home health care services can improve one’s ability to walk or move on their own, have noticeably less pain when moving around, get in and out of bed, improve bladder control, get more comfortable with bathing and showering, quite often breathing is better, and best of all need less frequent and less urgent unplanned medical care. All of which improve the quality and quite often the quantity of life for seniors.

A Harbor Home Health professional will also provide companionship which research shows also improves the quality and longevity of life. Social isolation can be as hazardous to one’s health as smoking. Home health care services also help out by reducing stress for both the client and their loved ones. When a family member has chronic medical needs and their loved one’s have work and family obligations to tend to home health care services can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s for long term or simply to give the family member time off from being “care-giver”. In Southeast Texas, home health care professionals can allow caregivers to have family time, go their children’s activities and take care of their careers.

There are so many advantages to home health care. If you have a loved one in need of keeping their independence, contact Harbor Home Health to see if they are the right fit for your needs. If you have any questions or simply need a little more information to make that final decision please call 409-835-1670.


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