Golden Triangle Veterans Honored in Babe Zaharias Park

Southeast Texas Veteran’s Memorial Guide

Babe Zaharias Park

Southeast Texas has a both a rich history and a good record of creating ways to pass that history down to future generations.

The Golden Triangle is also very respectful of our Southeast Texas veterans.

The two come together at the Southeast Texas Veterans Memorial at Babe Zaharias Park. The memorial statue was donated by the employees of Conns who dedicated the memorial as a tribute to veterans of all wars from 1776 to present. As you may know, Conns and its employees have a rich history of giving back to our community.

The statue is very tasteful and appropriate.

There is also a McDonald Douglas F-4 Phantom suspended over the park. It’s pretty cool to be able to see a life sized fighter jet. Just looking at the history of the Phantom, reminds us a lot about the history of our American armed conflicts, particularly during the Vietnam era. The Phantom came on line in 1960 and was used by both the Marines and the Air Force. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Phantom is a big fighter. Not only is it a two man fighter, but it is just physically very large. Lots of menacing steel. It was fast for it’s time, with a top speed of Mach 2.2 which was a record for a while. It also carried lots and lots of weapons, 18,000 pounds of them. It could be configured for air to air missiles, air to ground missiles, and a number of different bombs.

The Phantom was the dominant fighter of the Vietnam era, and the last fighter in the 20th Century whose pilots became aces.

If you haven’t seen one up close, you have a great opportunity at the memorial. It would make a great place to have a picnic with a special Golden Triangle veteran in your life- an uncle, a cousin, a co-worker. thanks the employees of Conns and all who helped make this memorial to all US Veterans possible.

We also join the employees of Conn’s symbolically  in thanking the veterans of all our wars from 1776 to the present. Do you have a special memory of the F-4 Phantom, either as a pilot or as someone on the ground who was saved by one?

At we love to hear from our Southeast Texas veterans of all ages. If you have a story you’d like to share, e-mail us any time and we’ll put it on

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