Vidor Senior Citizen Pie Ministry- First Baptist Church Vidor November 21st

Vidor senior citizens looking for a taste of the good life will be welcomed at First Baptist Church Vidor for their Senior Pie Ministry.

This is a good chance for Vidor senior citizens to share: vidor senior ministry

  • Fun
  • Food
  • Fellowship
  • Friendship

First Baptist Church Vidor hosts their pie ministry for Vidor seniors each month.

If you are a Vidor senior who has been looking for the chance to meet new people, catch up with old friends you may have lost touch with, or just enjoy some delicious home made pie, First Baptist Vidor has you covered.

While you’re there, ask about their other upcoming events for Vidor senior citizens. There is something for every “taste”.

First Baptist Church Vidor Address: 350 N. Main Street

First Baptist Church Vidor Phone: (409) 769-2418

E-mail Questions to:

First Baptist Church Vidor Website


Senior ministry Vidor TX

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