WATER EXERCISE Classses This Summer with BYC at ALICE KEITH Park

Save The Dates!
Tuesday through Friday
Starting June 11th and continuing through Labor Day with Best Years Center
11am until 12 pm Address: 4050 Reed Street, Beaumont
Low Impact Aerobics Tuesday & Thursday, Led Marilyn Sylvester

Water Exercises, Walk Walking, or Stretching Wednesday & Friday, Led by Joe Hayes

Would you like to feel 40 years younger? When you get in the water and your own weight is not a factor you can move you joints and muscles in ways you have not moved in years. Through a simple set of restorative movements you will increase your range of motion, stretch your muscles and fell the freedom to jump with joy or spin with a ballet or dance move you have not done in years.

Your Responsibility
If you cannot swim you will be able to easily stay in shallow water to 3 feet. Please ask your doctor if water exercise is recommended and beneficial with his knowledge of any health issues you have. Decide which of the exercises to do by listening to your body. Stretch as far as is comfortable without pain.

The planning team went to Alice Keith this week and developed a list of exercises and suggestions. You do not have to wear a bathing suit, but choose light fabrics to your are not weighted down. As you look at our pictures you will see shorts, capris, rolled up pants, long sleeve shirts for sun protection, and suits. Please do not skip the fun because you think you have to get in a suit. Since the time given to us by the city is before the pool officially opens it is strictly for seniors and we can choose what we wear. The pool has a sloping walk in that is excellent for seniors; no ladder climbing is necessary. There are seats in the water for sitting and doing such exercises as the bicycle movement. Suggestions for exercise equipment you might want are the larger water noodles, small lick or swim boards, water jugs to use like weights, and plastic plates to do other water resistance exercises. I hope you will try the water class. Vergie Landry, Marilyn Sylvester, a team from her class, and Joe Hayes from the gym have committed to spearhead the leadership for the class. Join up, get wet, and feel rejuvenated!

By Deborah Queen PhD, Outreach Coordinator

Contact the Best Years Center to Sign up
780 South Fourth Street
Phone: 409- 838-1902

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