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If you’re like 34 percent of American adults surveyed,* you may know your specific cholesterol numbers, but you may not know the significance of these numbers if you have high cholesterol. A survey conducted by AstraZeneca of more than 1000 American adults revealed that 63 percent of adults have heard of atherosclerosis, a progressive disease where plaque builds up in the arteries slowly over time.

Adults with high cholesterol and additional risk factors such as obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, or family history of early heart disease may be at increased risk for plaque buildup in their arteries. Importantly, the survey revealed that not all American adults recognize these as risk factors. Approximately 50 percent of those surveyed recognized all of these as risk factors; 40 percent identified only high cholesterol as a potential risk factor; 26 percent selected only family history of early heart disease; 22 percent knew smoking was a risk factor; 20 percent recognized only high blood pressure; and 12 percent selected diabetes as the only risk factor for atherosclerosis.

For adults at increased risk for plaque buildup, it is even more important to lower high cholesterol. A cholesterol management plan to help patients reach their cholesterol goals will likely begin with lifestyle changes, which can include quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and exercising more often. However, for some people, diet and exercise alone may not be enough to lower high cholesterol, so it is important that they talk with their health care providers about their treatment options.

Any time you have questions about cholesterol or medications, contact your physician. EPO has a network of the highest quality physicians across Southeast Texas. If you’d like a doctor who will coordinate your care to ensure you are getting the best care – and that you will not have issues with conflicting prescription medications, contact EPO – Eastex Physician Network

If you have questions about cholesterol – or any medical issues, consult your doctor.

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