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One thing all Beaumont seniors know is that the only thing constant in this world is change. senior calling

You could be looking for a new Southeast Texas church home for any number of reasons:

  • Maybe the church you’ve attended your whole life is changing. New preacher. New style of music. If you miss what you are used to, perhaps another church would be a better fit for you.
  • Often when our spouses don’t want to attend church, we get out of the habit as well. If you haven’t been to church in a while, it can be tough to find one that “feels right”.
  • Many Southeast Texas seniors moved here recently. Some for the mild client, many to be near grandchildren. If you’re new to the area, how do you start looking for a great church?

Southeast Texas Christians have a unique tool to help them find their ideal Southeast Texas church home, a website called

SETX Church Guide has new information daily about:

  • Southeast Texas churches
  • Southeast Texas ministries
  • SETX Missions Opportunities
  • Golden Triangle Christian events
  • Southeast Texas Christian Blogs
  • Articles about Southeast Texas senior ministries – quilting, “pie ministries”, Bingo, senior lunches, and more

Spending a few days on SETX Church Guide can help Southeast Texas Christian seniors find their “just right” Southeas  Texas Church Home.

Check Out SETX Church Guide today to start making a list of churches you’d like to visit.

After a few visits, most Beaumont seniors are able to find a new Southeast Texas church home.

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