Jasper Senior Expo Title Sponsor, The Asbestos Health Line

Asbestos Health Resources for East Texas & The Golden Triangle

Is financial compensation available at your family?

Find out at the Jasper Senior Expo


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Many East Texas and Golden Triangle seniors were exposed to asbestos on the job.

If you have health issues resulting from exposure at a Texas plant, Gulf Coast shipyard, or construction project visit with Anthony Gomez and the Asbestos Health Line Team at the Jasper Senior Expo.

They can help you find out if there is settlement money available for you and your family.

Click here for the Asbestos Health Line website.

For more information about their asbestos help resources, contact Anthony Gomez: (512) 954-1938.

Do you have questions about upcoming East Texas and Golden Triangle senior events?

Call anytime.

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  • SETXSeniors@gmail.com

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Thank you to the Asbestos Health Line for being our title sponsor for our 2018 Texas Senior Expo & Health Fair events.

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Thank you to all of the organizations that assist local seniors:


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