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 Lumberton Family Funeral Home & Forest Oaks in Jasper

funeral services Beaumont TX, funerral planning SETTX, funeral planning help East Texas, funeral help Bridge City TX, funeral service ideas Mid CountyLumberton Family Funeral Home is dedicated to serving the senior communities in East Texas and The Golden Triangle.

They can assist you with a range of caring services:

  • Preparing a home cooked meal for your funeral reception – avoid the current trend of store bought sandwich trays and cookies.
  • Pre-arranging your funeral to save your family from emotional and financial stress.
  • Personalizing your funeral arrangements – your favorite music, pre-arranging who will speak, and ensuring the funeral captures the spirit of your LIFE.
  • Planning for any special requests: bag pipes, musicians, butterfly release, dove release, Chinese lanterns – you decide.

Do you have questions about pre-arranging your funeral?

  • Lumberton Family Funeral Home
  • 766 South Main in Lumberton TX
  • (409) 751-0390


Stay tuned for more new, resources, and inspiration for Golden Triangle and East Texas senior citizens.


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  • Daryl Fant, Host. SETX Senior Expo Series
  • (512) 567-8068

Would you like to have quality one on one time with our seniors?

We’d love to assist you.

At SETX Seniors, we do Southeast Texas senior marketing right.

You can effectively advertise to seniors in Southeast Texas – we can help.

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Do you have questions about pre-arranging your funeral?

  • Lumberton Family Funeral Home
  • 766 South Main in Lumberton TX
  • (409) 751-0390

E-mail funeral planning questions to

Click here for the Lumberton Family Funeral Home website.


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