SETX Senior Safety Tips from Entergy Texas- Trees and Southeast Texas Powerline Safety


Beaumont seniors enjoy a paradise for anyone with a green thumb. This is particularly true for Southeast Texas seniors with a love for trees.

Across Southest Texas, trees thrive and Southeast Texas seniors have planted thousands of dogwoods, redbuds, palm trees, figs, citrus trees, pecans, and Golden Triangle senior safety tipsoaks of all varieties.

And yes, Southeast Texas is covered by millions of pine trees.

Those trees grow. And grow. And grow some more.

Eventually, Beaumont seniors decide their trees must be trimmed.

Entergy has compiled some safety trips that can help Beaumont seniors when you are first planting a tree and again when it is time to have a tree trimmed.

  • Check for power lines first.
    Before trimming a tree, check carefully for nearby power lines. If you find one, contact your local electric utility before you proceed. Touching a power line with a tool or tree branch can cause a shock or start a fire. The power company can take care of this- Southeast Texas senior safety comes first.
  • Don’t trim trees near power lines.
    Only licensed, qualified tree trimmers are allowed to work near high-voltage lines. Don’t risk it yourself! Again, Beaumont senior safety is more important. Call the power company to assist you.
  • Plant trees far from power lines and equipment.
    Determine how tall and how wide the tree will be when it is fully grown. Then plant it where it will not come within 10 feet of power lines or other utility equipment. Before planting, Southeast Texas seniors can call the local one-call utility locator service to be sure you won’t contact buried utilities when you dig.

Don’t trim trees near power lines. Plant trees where they will not grow to reach power lines.

golden triangle senior safety tips from entergy texas

If your tree ever do grow too near the power lines, please call your power company.

Entergy is committed to Southeast Texas senior.

They will provide year round safety tips right here on

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