Beaumont Seniors- Intermediate Spanish Lessons at Best Years Senior Center

Senior Center Beaumont TX – The Best Years offers intermediate Spanish sessions twice a week.

For active Beaumont seniors, learing Spanish can open up a whole new world of opportunity- meeting new people, travelling, even interacting with visitors at our Southeast Texas churches and civic groups.

Learning a foreign language can be a wonderful activity for Beaumont senior citizens. Active Beaumont seniors learn Spanish at The Best Years Center

It is easiest when done at a young age, but it is never too late for learning.

Southeast Texas seniors interested in learning Spanish can take intermediate Spanish lessons at the Best Years Senior Center in Beaumont.

For many reasons, Spanish is THE ideal choice for Southeast Texas seniors looking to pick up a new language.

First, if you grew up in Southeast Texas, no one has to tell you that the Hispanic population is growing quickly. With this population growth, a number of businesses have been set up that SETX seniors could find quite interesting. Have you always wanted a custom pair of boots? There are Activities for Beaumont seniorsMexican expert craftsmen who can make you a pair out of python or stingray or ostrich for a fraction of what you’d pay in Austin or Dallas.

Secondly, Galveston is growing as a hub for cruise ships. You can get a seven night cruise for as little as $200-$300 if you time it right. Many of these ships will make one, two, or three stops in Spanish speaking countries. Learning the language can make it easier to order food or drinks, ask for directions, or to negotiate for bargains.

Finally, if you’re one of the many Southeast Texas seniors looking to go back to work to supplement your savings, knowing Spanish helps in every field- medical, construction, education,  and the service industry.

Spanish is just one of the great Beaumont senior activities offered by the Best Year’s Center.

If you’re an active Beaumont Senior Citizen looking to learn a new language, it really isn’t too late. Join other SETX seniors at the Best Years Senior Center in Beaumont!

*Intermediate Spanish Lessons for Beaumont TX Senior Citizens
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am – 11:30 am
Instructor: Guadalupe R. Guadarra
Not for Beginners; Must have Spanish Knowledge
If you know of someone who would like to teach a Beginners Spanish Class, Please call the Beaumont Best Years Center at (409) 838-1902
*Schedules are subject to change. Call The Best Years Senior Center to confirm: (409) 838-1902.
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