Southeast Texas Seniors- Let EPO Coordinate Your Healthcare with Their Network of Physicians and Specialists

EPO was founded in Southeast Texas to answer one of the most important medical issues facing Southeast Texas Seniors- coordinated medical care.

Most Southeast Texas seniors have been frustrated at one time or another with the challenge of coordinating their medical care- making sure one doctor knows what the others are doing and to ensure the overall approach to your  health care works together.

A group of Southeast Texas Doctors and medical providers had similar observations and joined forces in 2007 to help Southeast Texans receive the highest quality of health care- and care that is appropriately coordinated for your overall health.

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EPO Physicians work together to provide the highest quality of healthcare for Southeast Texas Seniors.

Eastex Physician Organization (EPO) was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing a network of physicians that will serve the needs of every patient.

EPO network doctors collaborate, share information, and work as a team to maximize efficiency, minimize time in providing an accurate diagnosis, and coordinating the proper treatment, customized for each patient.

All the physicians of EPO are professionally aligned in order to attain the common mission of providing the best medical care. In a concerted effort, the physicians of EPO collaborate with one another to support our local community and all our health care needs.

If this sounds like an approach to healthcare that would be ideal for you, a simple phone call to Eastex Physician Organization can get you on the right track: (800) 564-6376.

EPO can answer your questions, give you more information on the EPO approach to coordinated healthcare, and help you find the right team of doctors for you.

Eastex Physician Organization has an excellent track record of helping Southeast Texas seniors reach a coordinated, streamlined approach to their healthecare.

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Would you like a coordinated approach to your healthcare? EPO can help.


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