Southeast Texas – Supports our Soldiers

Recently,  I was driving on Highway 69 in Beaumont when a loud “ping” signaled that it was time to fill up on gas. I pulled off on Lucas and into the corner gas station.

A fully uniformed soldier was standing with his military duffel. It was on my heart to go over and say something, but I first started the tedious process of gassing up my vehicle- inserting my credit card, putting in my pin, selecting the fuel type.

In that short time, less than a couple of minutes, my heart was glad to see three or four fellow Southeast Texans- many of them Golden Triangle senior citizens likely with their own history of service- pull over to see if the soldier needed any assistance. I decided to hang back and watch. It seemed like the soldier graciously thanked each and let them know that he didn’t need anything.

My heart wouldn’t let me leave without double checking so I walked over, shook his hand, and asked if he needed a lift. He smiled and explained that he’d just been dropped off after training and his wife would be by any minute to pick him up.

It was a simple issue of Southeast Texas courtesy and pride in our armed forces, likely one played out quietly and without much notice on a daily basis in our community.

I just wanted to take a moment here on where we have so many veterans to honor and remember to thank the soldier for his service and to thank each and every one of you Southeast Texans- seniors and youngsters alike who stopped to offer your assistance and encouragement.

You made me proud to live in the Golden Triangle. Feel free any time to share a memory of your own service or that of a loved one. EM us anytime at .

We’d love to share your stories.


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