The Sounds of Silence are not always Golden for SETX Seniors with hearing loss – by Trinity Hearing and Balance

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur is sponsoring today’s update on Southeast Texas senior hearing loss and the high tech solutions that are available right here in Mid County.

mid county senior hearing aid - mid county senior hearing doctor Hearing loss is a natural part of aging that unfortunately many  Southeast Texas seniors don’t even recognize when it happens because it happens so gradually.

Many Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss haven’t started wearing hearing aids.

Some because they don’t realize they’re losing their hearing, some because they are afraid to admit it, some are just a little vain and imagine having to wear one of those huge clunky devices we remember our grandparents and great grandparents wearing.

There have been huge advances in hearing aid technology.

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur has the widest selection of high tech hearing aids for Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss – including waterproof and rechargeable models

If you think about it, when that 50 year old was a kid a computer took up an entire room. Now it fits on your lap or in the palm of your hand.

Technology has also moved forward with hearing devices. Not only are they smaller and more discreet, they’re also much more effective than the devices of the past.

Hearing aids are improving every day as technology advances. While the issue begins for the 50 year olds it becomes a much more serious and problematic issue as we hit 65 or so.

Southeast Texas seniors quite often take our hearing for granted. We think, “It’s always been there; it will always be there”.

With age related hearing loss for Southeast Texas seniors,  the hearing loss can be so gradual by the time you notice it you will already have missed out on so much.

Hearing loss causes tremendous communication issues, which can at times jeopardize entire relationships. There are however many ways to improve the life of someone who is hearing impaired, beginning with finding a good Southeast Texas hearing loss specialist.

A proper hearing aid if needed, special telephone services, closed captioned televisions. The world is full of ways to bring the sound back into your life. You can find out about all of the new advances and any programs that might be available to you by having a conversation openly and honestly with a professional hearing specialist at Trinity Hearing and Balance.

These really are golden years especially as new hearing technology allows us to live it our way!

Isn’t it time you had your hearing checked?

Trinity Hearing and Balance Center is dedicated to providing a full-range of hearing services  and the latest technology including digital hearing aids, assistive listening devices, custom ear molds, and hearing protection. Located in Port Arthur, the Trinity Hearing and Balance Center brings the benefits of better hearing to Golden Triangle Seniors with hearing loss by providing the best hearing care possible.

Through comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing conservation efforts, and hearing loss rehabilitation services including education, counseling, and fitting hearing instruments, Trinity Hearing helps Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss and their families find the best solutions for their individual needs.


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