Zane Gray – Boulder Dam in Large Print


One of the first books I read was by Zane Grey. It was about a Mountain man and his adventures hunting, trapping, and fighting Indians. His books show a very descriptive frontier life and with boyish enthusiasm. Most of the Zane Grey books I’ve read were about the early frontier or Westerns, but he also wrote books that were more contemporary (for the time). His book Boulder Dam has been re-released in large print. Boulder Dam is about the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. It is almost two novels. The first is a story about an amazing technical achievement, even more impressive as it occurred at the height of the Great Depression. The second part of the novel is an action adventure story with diverse elements including Communists trying to derail or demolish the dam, Chicago mobsters and white slavers, and features a hero in the typical Zane Grey mold- a true man of virtue and daring. One of the great things about Zane Grey is that a twelve year old and an eighty year old can read the book and find it entertaining without being offensive. My son has over twenty and my wife’s grandfather borrowed all of them. Boulder Dam is available now in Southeast Texas libraries in large print or can be ordered on line through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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