Port Arthur Assisted Living – Rosalyn Dream House

Rosalyn Dream House offers a unique approach to Port Arthur Assisted Living.

The concept is to “Put the home” in senior home for Mid County.

Owner Rosalyn Williams has a passion for high quality senior care and a great deal of experience working or traditional assisted living and hospice facilities.

She’s long had a dream of creating a “right sized” senior living facility for Port Arthur.

She offers a “boutique” approach to the assisted living concept.

Rosalyn Assist Lv

Rosalyn Dream House looks just like any other home in its Port Arthur neighborhood.

There is a warm and inviting living room for seniors to enjoy time together playing cards, dominoes, or just talking about life.

The homey kitchen is used to create three meals a day and snacks for their Port Arthur senior residents.

Rosalyn House Meals

One of the big concepts behind Rosalyn Dream House is providing a Port Arthur assisted living facility that keeps residents engaged.

Staff coordinates resident card games, dominoes, board games, and other activities.

Field trips provide an opportunity to get out and enjoy Southeast Texas attractions and special events.

There is also special entertainment daily.

Rosalyn Dream Act

Rosalyn Dream House has a clear vision – provide a “right sized” assisted living facility for Port Arthur.

If you’re looking for a Mid County senior home that truly feels like home, schedule a visit to Rosalyn Dream House.

Rosalyn's Dream 2



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