Lumberton Funeral Planning Resources

Hardin County Senior News Lumberton Funeral Planning Resources Most Lumberton seniors have participated in planning a funeral after a loved one’s unexpected death. The feeling of wanting to get everything just right to honor their memory is tremendous- and can be extremely stressful. On top of the feeling of loss, funeral planning can be nearly overwhelming for Lumberton families. For... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior News- The End is Near for Paper Checks

Financial News for Seniors in the Southeast Texas and Lufkin Region The End of Paper Checks On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior News, we look at the increased popularity of electronic payments, particularly in federal payments to our SETX senior citizens. . The U.S. Department of the Treasury has extended the safety and convenience of electronic payments to all... Read More

Asbestosis in the Golden Triangle – Free Testing Available for Seniors in Beaumont

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Texas Asbestos Resources – The Asbestos Health Line Beaumont Our Golden Triangle senior citizens built the refineries that provide gas and petroleum products for the world and fleets of ships that have served the United States in war time and during peace. Were you or a loved one involved in ship building or industrial construction in the Southeast Texas or SWLA? Did you know... Read More

Give Your Family the Gift of Peace of Mind by Lumberton Family Funeral Home

Southeast Texas Funeral Pre-Arrangement “The Gift of Peace of Mind” Lumberton Family Funeral Home More and more of our readers are choosing to pre-arrange their Southeast Texas funeral services. Are you the kind of person who likes to do everything just right? Are you always trying to make things easier for others? That is what pre-arranging your funeral is all about... Read More

SETX Senior News: Interested in Being an Organ Donor?

Health News for Seniors in Southeast Texas and Lakes Area YOU Can be an Organ Donor On Today’s SETX Senior News we look at Organ Donation. May is Older Americans Month. One of the information campaigns this month is letting Southeast Texas seniors know that they are eligible to become organ donors. Have you considered organ donation but thought you were too old?   SETX... Read More

Super Low Income Senior Apartments in Orange TX – Optimist Village

Senior Housing in Southeast Texas – Optimist Village Senior Apartments in Orange TX It can be difficult to find super low income senior apartments in Southeast Texas. When you do, it can be even harder to find ones that are clean, comfortable, safe, and that provide the right sense of community for Southeast Texas senior citizens. What you’re really looking for is Optimist... Read More

Pre-Arranged Funeral Services for in East Texas – Forest Oaks in Jasper Brings a Family Centered Touch

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East Texas Funeral Home Guide Forest Oaks Funeral Home in Jasper TX Are you looking for a funeral home in Jasper TX that can provide a beautiful pre-arranged funeral service within your budget? Funeral quality and value come together when you pre-arrange funeral services through Forest Oaks Funeral Home in Jasper. You can save thousands of dollars AND offer a moving funeral service... Read More

Golden Triangle Senior Volunteer Opportunities: Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Program

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Southeast Texas Senior News Looking to Volunteer? Discover the Senior Grandparent Program Golden Triangle seniors volunteer in our community’s hospitals, schools, libraries, and with dozens of different programs. One popular Southeast Texas senior volunteer program is Foster Grandparents.  The Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent program is special because it provides our Golden... Read More

Beaumont Senior Post Op Care is Available through Synergy HomeCare

Post Op Care for Senior Citizens in the Golden Triangle and East Texas by Synergy HomeCare Post Op Care in Beaumont TX can be provided in the comfort of your own home by Synergy HomeCare. For Beaumont senior citizens, it is just a matter of time before we find ourselves being operated for something- maybe a “simple procedure” or perhaps a major surgical operation. When it is... Read More

Happy July 4th Southeast Texas Veterans

Southeast Texas Veteran's Memorial

Happy 4th of July to our Southeast Texas Veterans! A big SETX Seniors Happy Fourth of July to all of our Southeast Texas veterans and their families. For anyone looking to make a visit to a Southeast Texas veteran’s memorial this fourth of July, here are some nice ones: Heritage Veteran’s Memorial Plaza Orange Tx Forest Lawn Southeast Texas Veteran’s Memorial Wall... Read More

Southeast Texas Hospice Testimonials – Harbor Hospice

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Hospice Guide for East Texas and the Golden Triangle Harbor Hospice Testimonials When you’re researching hospice care for yourself or a loved one in Southeast Texas, testimonials from family members of those who have chosen hospice can be a wonderful tool. By now, most Southeast Texans have heard about hospice care. Many of us have had a friend or loved one who has chosen... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.