Golden Triangle Senior Ministries on SETX ChurchGuide

Friday, March 17, 2017

Get help finding Golden Triangle senior ministries with SETX Church Guide. SETX Church Guide is a comprehensive website for the Southeast Texas Christian community. With over 400 local articles each year from around the Southeast Texas church community, the site helps Southeast Texas senior find activities, fellowship, and fun. What are some Southeast Texas church activities that you might enjoy? SETX Ladies Bunco fellowship Golden Triangle Senior breakfasts and lunches Southeast Texas quilting circles SETX Senior domino games, board games, and card fellowships Golden Triangle senior choirs Southeast... 

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Southeast Texas Alzheimer’s Support Group Meets Monthly in Port Neches

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Southeast Texas Alzheimer’s support groups help the friends and families of Golden Triangle Alzheimer’s patients in many ways: They provide information about Golden Triangle Alzheimer’s resources They give us a safe place to open up and share our concerns and frustrations – even to vent SETX Alzheimer’s support groups put us in contact with people who are going through the same things we are Each month “Alzheimer’s Caregivers” meets for the loved ones of Mid County Alzheimer’s patients: Port Neches Senior Center 633 Ave A in Port Neches 11am Third Tuesday of each month Call... 

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Tyler County Home Care is Available through SETX Home Care

Friday, March 3, 2017

Home Care for Senior Citizens in Tyler County TX – SETX Home Care Most Tyler County seniors have spent a life time getting their home exactly the way they like it – paying the mortgage, remodeling, landscaping. When life starts to get a little more challenging for Tyler County seniors, leaving your home does not have to be your first option. SETX Home Care can assist Tyler County seniors in staying in their homes longer. Studies agree, staying in our homes longer helps seniors live healthier, happier, and longer lives. That is what we all want, right? Sooner or later, some tasks will... 

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Southeast Texas Senior Housing Guide – Optimist Village Senior Apartments Orange Tx

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On today’s Southeast Texas Senior Housing Guide we are spotlighting Optimist Village senior apartments in Orange Tx. Take a tour and you’ll quickly discover, this is a senior living community Orange senior citizens are proud to call home. On a recent visit, I encountered large groups of women gathered in the common parlors drinking coffee and talking about life – family, common friends, and upcoming senior friendly events in the Orange community. I also enjoyed visiting with a resident in her apartment. The space was thoughtfully laid out – ample space for a senior resident, with room... 

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golden triangle seniors volunteer with Foster Grandparents

Beaumont Senior Activities: Volunteering with the Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Program

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beaumont senior volunteer programs can be a blessing both for Beaumont seniors and those they assist. The Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent program has been a wonderful organization for seniors wanting to play a meaningful role in assisting children who need their love, patience, and guidance. Beaumont seniors volunteering in the SETX Foster Grandparent program volunteer in schools, hospitals, head start, daycare facilities and other places where they are needed. Golden Triangle senior volunteers assist children with literacy skills, goal setting, and by nurturing them and helping them learn... 

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Southeast Texas Senior Health News – You Can Be a Tissue, Organ, and Eye Donor

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Did you know SETX Seniors can be tissue, organ and eye donors? It’s a fact. We’ll highlight options and “how to” become an organ donor on today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior Health News. With 1.5 million Texans signed up to be organ and tissue donors, and with donations endorsed by everyone from elected officials to businesses to the faith community, folks who need transplants have no cause for concerns about availability — right? Not quite, says Michele Goddard of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). “In a state with 25 million people and... 

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Pre-Arrange Your Southeast Texas Funeral Arrangements with Lumberton Family Funeral Home

Southeast Texas Funeral Home Pre-Arrangements – Lumberton Family Funeral Home Would you like to know more about how to pre-arrange your Southeast Texas funeral? Lumberton Family Funeral Home can help. More and more of our readers are expressing an interest in pre-arranging their Southeast Texas funerals.  Lumberton Family Funeral Home enjoys talking with Southeast Texas seniors about how to create a funeral experience that will reflect their lives and tell their story. Most... Read More


Southeast Texas Medicare Advantage Plan Information

Many of our Golden Triangle seniors have requested Southeast Texas Medicare Advantage Plan information. Today’s SETX Seniors Spotlight will answer some of your questions, starting with “What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?” Southeast Texas seniors can choose to either stay with Medicare or opt for a customized “Medicare Advantage Plan”. To help you make that decision, it is helpful to understand what a Medicare Advantage Plan is and why they are growing in... Read More


SETX Home Care & Home Health Provider – Quality Care

Today’s featured SETX home care and home health health provider is Quality Care Services, providing home health care across East Texas and Southeast Texas. Quality Care Services has earned a wonderful reputation for providing the highest level of in home care to senior citizens in the Golden Triangle. Southeast Texans are the most resilient and independent people in the world. That makes SETX seniors some of the most independent and resilient senior citizens in the world. One... Read More


Southeast Texas Retirement Planning Tips: Why Alzheimer’s should factor into your retirement plan

On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Retirement Planning Tips, we look at the role Alzheimer’s plays in many lives. In an ideal world, our SETX senior citizens will retire and enjoy many years fulfilling your dreams and spending time with those you love the most. Your retirement years can be some of the happiest and most enjoyable years of your life. But while we all hope for the best outcome possible, it may be prudent for you to plan for the possibility that life... Read More


SETX Senior Housing Options – Optimist Village Senior Apartments in Orange Tx

Orange senior apartments Optimist Village

Are you looking for SETX Senior Housing Options? Many Southeast Texas seniors have found a true sense of community at Optimist Village senior apartments in Orange Tx. The attractive SETX senior apartment complex is right in the heart of town near Sabine Neches Federal Credit Union. The ample grounds set the tone for what you’ll find at Optimist Village senior apartments – well manicured, beautiful azalea beds, and lots of picnic tables and other setups for entertaining friends... Read More


SETX Senior Health News – You Can Be an Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donor

On today’s SETX Senior Health News we look at organ donation options for Golden Triangle senior citizens. Did you know Southeast Texas seniors are highly valued as eye, tissue, and organ donors? It’s true. If you’ve been interested in becoming an organ donor but weren’t sure how, or thought you had to be a certain age, today’s edition of SETX Senior Health News is for you. With approximately 1.5 million Texans signed up to be organ and tissue donors,... Read More


Quality Care Services Beaumont Offers Southeast Texas Home Health Options

Home Health Providers Southeast Texas – Quality Care of Beaumont, Serving Senior Citizens Across the Golden Triangle. Quality Care Services in Beaumont understands that not all of their Southeast Texas seniors have the same home health requirements. Accordingly, they offer a variety of Southeast Texas home health services. Some Southeast Texas seniors are just looking for some reliable help with common household tasks. For these services, Quality Care Services can help you... Read More


Lumberton Senior Ministry – Wednesday Nursing Home Service by First Baptist Church

Senior Ministries Lumberton TX – Nursing Home Service provided by First Baptist Church of Lumberton Lumberton skilled nursing facilities are home to many Southeast Texas senior Christians. Each Wednesday at 10AM, First Baptist Church Lumberton provides a Lumberton Nursing Home service. This has been a real blessing in the Lumberton senior Christian community. It has also been instrumental in Southeast Texas seniors finding salvation during their golden years. A big SETX... Read More


2017 Southeast Texas Senior Expo Vendors – Quality Care Services

Southeast Texas Senior Expo Vendors – Quality Care Services, Gold Sponsor. When it comes to providing Southeast Texas home health and home care services, Quality Care Services of Beaumont has earned a wonderful reputation. Come see Quality Care Services at the SETX Senior Expo in Lumberton to learn more about how home health companies assist Golden Triangle seniors stay in their home years, even decades, longer. We would like to thank Quality Care Services for serving as a Southeast... Read More


Find Southeast Texas Senior Ministries on SETX Church Guide

Southeast Texas Senior Ministries – Find the one that is right for you on SETX Church Guide. Golden Triangle hurches grow, shrink, change, refuse to change, and occasonially fade leaving many Southeast Texas Seniors looking for a new home church. SETX Church Guide can help. SETX Church Guide is an online Southeast Texas church directory that publishes over 400 articles each year to help Southeast Texas Christians find the “just right” church: Click for the SETX... Read More


Southeast Texas Senior Road Trips. Check Out Wisconsin’s Quirky Museums

On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior Road Trips, we look north. Way north. Whether it’s mustard, accordions or angels, Wisconsinites have a unique way of taking a hobby and turning it into an exhibit hall. The state is home to an eclectic mix of museums that go beyond the ordinary and are the product of a passionate person with a vision so strong that erecting a museum is quite simply the most reasonable option. Both entertaining and educational, the following... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.