Entergy Power to Care - SETXSeniors
Entergy knows no one should have to choose between food or medicine and electricity. But sadly, many Southeast Texas elderly and disabled individuals face these choices every day. 
Entergy is fighting to make sure SETX seniors and those most in need get assistance with their electric bills.

Through The Power to Care, Southeast Texas nonprofit agencies are able to provide emergency bill payment assistance to Southeast Texas seniors and disabled individuals in crisis. Entergy Shareholders, Entergy Employees, and Entergy Customers contribute to this valuable program. 

ENTERGY Texas Contact Info
Q. What number do I call for account information and general customer service questions?
A. 1-800-ENTERGY or 1-800-368-3749

Q. What number do I call to report an outage?
A. 1-800-9OUTAGE or 1-800-968-8243
Link to ENTERGY Texas Outage Tracker: www.viewoutage.entergy.com/tx.aspx

Visit ENTERGY  Texas Online at



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