The Clairmont Beaumont Express Recovery, Long-term Care, and Southeast Texas Women’s Alzheimer’s Dementia Unit

The Clairmont Beaumont is a wonderful facility for Southeast Texas Senior Care.

Clairmont Beaumontoffers three different classifications of Southeast Texas senior care:

  • Express Recovery for Southeast Texas Senior Citizens
  • Long Term Senior Care
  • Traditions Southeast Texas Women’s Alzheimer’s Residence / Dementia Unit for Women

Clairmont Beaumont Senior Living

Express Recovery for Beaumont Seniors

Many Beaumont Seniors just need care for a short time after an illness, injury, or surgery.Clairmont Beaumont Senior Rehab

Clairmont Beaumont’s Express Recovery Unit is ideal for this situation.

Their skilled team will ensure you receive the care you need to get back home.

Clairmont Beaumont’s Express Recovery Unit for seniors offers:

  • Dedicated Beaumont senior nursing team
  • Physical Therapy for Southeast Texas seniors
  • Beaumont senior occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy for SETX senior citizens

Beaumont seniors utilize The Clairmont’s Express Recovery Unit when they are recovering from:

  •  major surgery
  • stroke
  • neurological and orthopedic conditions
  • illness
  • injuries and disabilities

Clairmont Beaumont’s Express Recovery Unit teams are dedicated healthcare professionals who work together to design individualized care plans tailored to each Southeast Texas seniors specific needs.

Southeast Texas Long Term Care at Clairmont Beaumont

Clairmont Beaumont Senior Housing

Clairmont Beaumont also offers long-term care for Beaumont Seniors in their Southeast Texas skilled nursing facility.

Clairmont Beaumont’s  long-term care units are designed for individuals who need 24-hour nursing care.

Their Southeast Texas long-term care facility is ideal for Beaumont seniors who may be:

  • chronically ill
  • frail
  • experiencing a very slow recovery from an illness or injury.
  • requiring hospice or pallative care

Clairmont Beaumont’s long-term care units offer your choice of private and semi-private accommodations including high quality room furnishings and beautiful common areas.

In addition, Clairmont Beaumont offers respite care that allows families an opportunity to take a brief break from the day-to-day demands of caring for a loved one around the clock.

Clairmont Beaumont Traditions Unit Southeast Texas Women’s Alzheimer’s Residence / Dementia Unit

Are you looking for a Southeast Texas women’s Alzheimer’s Residence or Dementia unit for women?

Call for information about Clairmont Beaumont’s Traditions Unit.

Clairmont Beaumont’s  Traditions provides safe, 24 hour care for Beaumont women with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's Care Southeast Texas

Special services for Beaumont Alzheimer’s and Dementia care include:

  • Women only Beaumont Dementia & Alzheimer’s Unit
  • Safe and secure environment for Southeast Texas Women with Alzheimer’s / Dementia
  • Secured Unit
  • Semi-private and private rooms
  • Specialty trained staff, dedicated to assisting SETX women with Alzheimer’s / Dementia
  • Interdisciplinary approach to Southeast Texas dementia care
  • Recreation therapy and activities beneficial for Golden Triangle senio citizens with dementia
  • Reminiscence therapy

Alzheimer's Care Beaumont Tx

If you’re looking for a state of the art Southeast Texas Alzheimer’s residence / Souheast Texas Dementia Unit for women , come by and talk to The Clairmont about their Beaumont Traditions Unit.

Clairmont Beaumont offers Southeast Texas Seniors a variety of healthcare choices.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • Southeast Texas Senior Express Recovery
  • Long Term Care in a high quality skilled nursing facility
  • Southeast Alzheimer’s Residence for women / Southeast Texas Dementia Unit for Women

Contact Clairmont Beaumont to find out how they can best assist you with receiving the high level of Southeast Texas senior care that you deserve.

Clairmont Beaumont Alzheimer's Care

1020 S. 23rd St Beaumont, TX 77707

Phone. 409-842-9700

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Clairmont Beaumont Alzheimer's Residence

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