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Southeast Texas seniors are fiercely independent.

There are Southeast Texas senior citizens who have survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the dawn of the computer age.

At some point even the most independent Golden Triangle senior could use just a little bit of help.

A friend or relative may suggest Home Health Care. It’s a common reaction to think, “Whoa! I can do it all myself”.

Harbor Home Health understands your desire to remain independent. They have prepared a brief introduction on Home Health to help you decide if it something you might benefit from.

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The following list answers some of the most common questions Southeast Texas seniors have when they first are introduced to the idea of considering Home Health.

Q: What is Home Health Care?

  • Home Health Care is a cost effective way to receive quality medical care in the comfort of a Golden Triangle senior’s own home. Home Health services greatly add to a SETX Senior’s quality of life by allowing them to remain self-sufficient. In addition, Southeast Texas home care minimizes visits to the doctors visit, freeing SETX seniors’ schedules to focus on family, friends, and hobbies.

Q: Who pays for Southeast Texas Home Health Services?

Q: What are Disease Management Programs?

  • These programs are designed to help you learn about the disease process and to manage it. The goal is to ensure Southeast Texas seniors understand their disease and to assist them in safely managing it in the comfort of their homes. These programs include:
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • CHF
  • Physical Rehabilitation

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Hopefully this introduction answers some of your initial questions about Southeast Texas Home Health. If you have additional questions or would like more information:

Call Harbor Home Health anytime: (409) 835-1670.

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