Movie Night, in the Park

One of the iconic memories shared by seniors in Southeast Texas is the drive in movie. It combined our American love of fantasy and independence.

Our Golden Triangle drive in movie theaters are gone, but we do have something that will bring back some of those feelings- movies in the park.

These are available in a number of our Southeast Texas communities and are generally appropriate for all ages- making them great activities for seniors looking to spend some quality time with grown children and grandchildren who are grow an inch every time we see them.

Beaumont Parks & Recreation has been doing a great job with these as part of their “Summer Movie Madness” program in Perlstein Park (800 block of Landis).

Coming up on Saturday, September 22, the Beaumont Movie in the Park will feature “The Smurfs”. Now, the Smurfs weren’t on the radar of Southeast Texas senior citizens as children- but most were heavily exposed to them when raising their children. Yes, the little blue people have left the television and hit the big screen.

Don’t expect “American Graffiti”, “Star Wars”, or the kind of movie you last went to see at the drive in, but do expect a decently entertaining film you can bring a grandchild of any age with you to see- for free.

A movie in the park is a great opportunity to get out of the house, change your routine, and to invite friends and family to relax and fellowship in a safe, fun, comfortable environment.

Bring: snacks, lawn chair, and possibly bug spray.
Where: Perlstein Park (800 block of Landis Beaumont)
When: Saturday 9-22-12

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