311 Call Center – Beaumont

City of Beaumont  311 Operations Center

The purpose of 3-1-1 is to better serve the citizens of the City of Beaumont by providing a central point of contact for information and non-emergency services.

Basically, if you’re not sure who to call at the City of Beaumont, call 311 for help and guidance in reaching the right person/department.

When should you call 311?

Report water leaks. Water leaks can lead to serious problems. Early reporting helps minimize damage.
Request street repairs. We want our streets to be safe- call if you have a concern (unsafe pothole, broken guardrail)
Report drainage problems. Call if water is backing up in a way it shouldn’t.
Street sign or traffic sign issues. Street signs are for our safety. Report if signs have been damaged or stolen.
Request cleanup of high weeds. High weeds can lead to other problems- including trash dumping.
Schedule garbage pick-up. If you see garbage or dumping that isn’t being picked up, call to report.
Request parks & recreation information or to report an issue with your local park. If equipment in your park is unsafe  or needs repair, let us know.
–  Report parking violations. If you have a safety concern with illegal or unsafe parking, just give us a call.
Notify authorities of illegal dumping.  We love to keep the community clean- please do report any illegal or suspicious dumping.

How do  I contact 311?

Dial 311 within the city of Beaumont from your home or office phone.
Dialing 311 will work from some cell phones. If it does not work from yours, please Call (409) 980-8311
You may also Email 311@ci.beaumont.tx.us

311 does NOT replace 911.
Please always call 911 for emergencies
(Police /Fire /Emergency Response).


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