Southeast Texas Alzheimer’s News: Clairmont Beaumont hosts monthly Alzheimer’s Support Group

In today’s Southeast Texas Alzheimer’s News we highlight a Beaumont Alzheimer’s Support Group that is helping families of SETX seniors with Alzheimer’s gain vital coping skills.

Each 4th Thursday, Clairmont Beaumont hosts an Alzheimer’s support group in their conference room.

Alzheimer's Care Beaumont Tx

Finding an Alzheimer’s support group is a blessing for many Southeast Texans.

They can assist you in:

  • Finding Alzheimer’s resources
  • Having an appropriate environment to voice frustration
  • Creating a network of others who are in similar situations

Alzheimer’s is difficult for everyone involved – the senior, the family members, and friends.

Alzheimer's Beaumont Tx

You have spent a lifetime with a person who is undergoing major changes.

No matter how strong you are, this isn’t something you want to go through alone.

Visit the Clairmont Beaumont support group to find out if it is the right fit for you.

Clairmont Beaumont Alzheimer's Care

1020 S. 23rd St Beaumont, TX 77707

Phone. 409-842-9700

Click here for the Clairmont Beaumont Website.

Alzheimer's Care Southeast Texas

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