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In Home Occupational Therapy for Senior Citizens in Southeast Texas by Quality Care Services of Beaumont TX

Strokes, falls, and other issues relating to ages can lead Southeast Texas seniors to a need for occupational therapy.

Southeast Texas senior occupational therapists are gifted at assisting with a wide range of rehabilitative needs: learning to control muscles after a stroke, learning to bathe comfortably after a bad fall, learning how to perform tasks after partial paralysis, and much more.

SETX Senior occupational therapists begin with a detailed evaluation of the patient’s ability to perform the normal activities of daily living.

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Then, they help determine what hindrances exist to returning to a state of independence and develop programs that help restore function.

Your Golden Triangle occupational therapist’s evaluation includes identifying hindrances such as reduced muscle strength, decreased coordination, or dif

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Quality Care Services can provide an occupational therapy program customized for your home and lifestyle.

ficulty bending or reaching items without losing one’s balance.

Your SETX home health occupational therapist will then provide a program to address these key issues and help the patient adapt to their environment.

Southeast Texas home health patients who have had a stroke or cardiac episode, spinal cord injury, orthopedic surgery, or severe arthritis can all benefit from occupational therapy services. The physician can make the determination of the patient will benefit from occupational therapy.

If you are going to use Southeast Texas occupational therapy as part of your recovery, it can be ideal to have it at home as part of your Southeast Texas Home Health Care plan.

Comprehensive assessment and treatment by your SETX occupational therapist can include:

  • Home Safety (preventing falls, moving furniture to clear paths, setting up a safe shower system)
  • Pain assessment and management
  • Upper extremity strength and range of motion
  • Bathing (after an accident or illness, some things can be “relearned” in new ways that will be easier going forward).
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  • Grooming
  • Improving Coordination
  • Vision and perception training
  • Home exercise program
  • Patient education – teaching you what you can do by yourself and what to expect
  • Work simplification: “work smarter, not harder”.
  • Personal energy conservation
  • Protecting your body’s joints
  • Adaptive equipment assessment and instruction
  • Independent living training
  • Homemaking instruction including laundry, meal preparation, and light house work

If your doctor has indicated a need for Southeast Texas senior occupational therapy, ask him about handling it at home as part of your Southeast Texas  Home Health Care or call Quality Care Services in Beaumont TX.

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