Lumberton Funeral Planning Resources

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hardin County Senior News Lumberton Funeral Planning Resources Most Lumberton seniors have participated in planning a funeral after a loved one’s unexpected death. The feeling of wanting to get everything just right to honor their memory is tremendous- and can be extremely stressful. On top of the feeling of loss, funeral planning can be nearly overwhelming for Lumberton families. For Hardin County seniors, pre-arranging our own funerals is a tremendous gift to our family, emotionally and often financially as well. First, arranging our own funerals helps us set the tone. Lumberton funerals ... 

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Southeast Texas Senior News- The End is Near for Paper Checks

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Financial News for Seniors in the Southeast Texas and Lufkin Region The End of Paper Checks On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Senior News, we look at the increased popularity of electronic payments, particularly in federal payments to our SETX senior citizens. . The U.S. Department of the Treasury has extended the safety and convenience of electronic payments to all Americans receiving federal benefit and non-tax payments. Electronic Payments – convenient for SETX seniors and a savings for the whole country This important change has provided significant savings to American taxpayers... 

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Asbestosis in the Golden Triangle – Free Testing Available for Seniors in Beaumont

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Texas Asbestos Resources – The Asbestos Health Line Beaumont Our Golden Triangle senior citizens built the refineries that provide gas and petroleum products for the world and fleets of ships that have served the United States in war time and during peace. Were you or a loved one involved in ship building or industrial construction in the Southeast Texas or SWLA? Did you know the United States Government recommends that any Southeast Texans who worked around asbestos should be tested annually for signs of Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related illness. Due to the proximity of work... 

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Give Your Family the Gift of Peace of Mind by Lumberton Family Funeral Home

Friday, July 17, 2020

Southeast Texas Funeral Pre-Arrangement “The Gift of Peace of Mind” Lumberton Family Funeral Home More and more of our readers are choosing to pre-arrange their Southeast Texas funeral services. Are you the kind of person who likes to do everything just right? Are you always trying to make things easier for others? That is what pre-arranging your funeral is all about – for you and for your loved ones. First, you are making sure your ceremony meets your needs and wants. You can plan everything down to who speaks, what songs are sung, and even pick out your favorite Bible passage.... 

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SETX Senior News: Interested in Being an Organ Donor?

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Health News for Seniors in Southeast Texas and Lakes Area YOU Can be an Organ Donor On Today’s SETX Senior News we look at Organ Donation. May is Older Americans Month. One of the information campaigns this month is letting Southeast Texas seniors know that they are eligible to become organ donors. Have you considered organ donation but thought you were too old?   SETX senior are encouraged to get information about organ donation. You can be a lifesaver- as an organ, tissue, and eye donor. Find out more today on . Enjoy Older Americans Month Southeast Texas. We... 

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Super Low Income Senior Apartments in Orange TX – Optimist Village

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Senior Housing in Southeast Texas – Optimist Village Senior Apartments in Orange TX It can be difficult to find super low income senior apartments in Southeast Texas. When you do, it can be even harder to find ones that are clean, comfortable, safe, and that provide the right sense of community for Southeast Texas senior citizens. What you’re really looking for is Optimist Village senior apartments in Orange. For their Orange senior residents, Optimist Village just feels like home. The community is immaculately clean – no trash, beautifully landscaped lawns, and tastefully decorated. There... 

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Orange TX Senior Volunteers Enjoy being SETX Texas Foster Grandparents

Volunteer Opportunities in Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Program Orange TX senior citizen  volunteers have found a lot to like in the Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent program.  The SETX Foster Grandparent Program gives Orange senior citizen volunteers the opportunity to: Share their love with local children Assist at risk SETX kids in turning a corner and growing into wonderful adults Teach Southeast Texas children literacy skills Spend quality time with children who... Read More


National Purple Heart Day Wishes from Lumberton Family Funeral Home

National Purple Heart Day Beaumont TX, National Purple Heart Day Southeast Texas, SETX National Purple Heart Day, National Purple Heart Day Orange TX

National Purple Heart Day August 7th Lumberton Family Funeral Home sends warm wishes to all Southeast Texas veterans and their families. Lumberton Family Funeral Home and Forest Oaks Funeral Home in Jasper have experts in planning funerals for East Texas veterans. Questions? Call Lumberton Family Funeral Home anytime: (409) 751-0390 Do you have a local senior veteran you would like to nominate for an article in the Southeast Texas Senior Resource Guide? Daryl Fant, Publisher Southeast... Read More


SETX Senior News – Coping with Hearing Loss in a Social Setting

Senior Health News for Southeast Texas Coping with Hearing Loss in Social Settings On this edition of SETX Senior News, we look at issues surrounding hearing loss. For most of us, ignoring hearing loss is easier when we’re alone. We can turn up the volume on the TV or radio as loud as we want (disclaimer- mine is turned up pretty loud now!), and when alone we don’t have to ask anyone to repeat what they just said. But how do Southeast Texas seniors with hearing... Read More


Southeast Texas Senior Health News – Diabetes Help for SETX Seniors by Synergy HomeCare

Southeast Texas Diabetes Prevention and Maintenance – Synergy Home Care On Today’s Southeast Texas Senior Health News we look at diabetes prevention help for SETX Seniors. Too many of us are at risk for diabetes – genetic disposition, eating habits, stress, and other factors combine to make many Southeast Texas seniors at risk for diabetes. Changing our eating habits can make a huge difference in diabetes prevention for Southeast Texas seniors. Unfortunately, it can... Read More


Southeast Texas Seniors Volunteer with Harbor Hospice

Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors – East Texas and the Golden Triangle Mean More – as a Hospice Volunteer We enjoy featuring Southeast Texas senior volunteer opportunities on Southeast Texans, particularly Southeast Texas senior citizens are a big hearted group. Golden Triangle senior citizens can be found volunteering in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, and Silsbee museums, our Southeast Texas Hospitals, with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, with local... Read More


SETX Senior Services: Miracle Ear Offers Free Hearing Tests in Southeast Texas

Senior Health News – East Texas and Beaumont Region Free Hearing Tests are Available from Miracle Ear On today’s edition of SETX Senior Services we look at free hearing tests in Southeast Texas. Hearing loss is a big issue in the Golden Triangle senior community. Often it affects our personal and business relationships and our overall quality of life. Fortunately, help is available for Southeast Texans with hearing loss.   Miracle Ear Beaumont offers free hearing... Read More


Home Care Orange TX – Synergy HomeCare is Ready to Assist You

Home Care Orange TX – Synergy HomeCare is ready to assist you or a special senior in your life. Orange has a very large senior population, one of the largest per capita in The Golden Triangle. Family members do a great deal to assist Orange TX seniors with tasks around the home – providing reminders to take medicine, taking them shopping, or assisting with meal preparation. Sometimes it is tough for family care givers to juggle everything – their careers, their own children,... Read More


Southeast Texas Senior News – Creating a bathroom that maximizes safety without sacrificing style

Senior Lifestyles – East Texas and the Golden Triangle Remodeling Your Bathroom for the Future On Southeast Texas Senior News today we look at ways to create a senior friendly bathroom. For today’s Southeast Texas Seniors, individuality and independence are items we’ve valued for decades. As the years go by, lifestyle changes become a necessity, due to limited mobility and health concerns, but it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up personality. Aging... Read More


Do you Think You are Suffering From Asbestosis? Get Tested for Free in Beaumont

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Southeast Texas Senior Health News Free Mesothelioma Testing from the Asbestos Health Line Many Golden Triangle senior citizens are at risk for serious illnesses due to on the job exposure to asbestos. Did you know the United States Government recommends that any Southeast Texans who worked around asbestos should be tested annually for signs of Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related illness. Due to the proximity of work near asbestos the following occupations may... Read More


Beaumont Seniors – Looking for a Southeast Texas Church Home?

Southeast Texas Christian Seniors

Resources for Seniors in East Texas and The Golden Triangle SETX Church Guide  One thing all Beaumont seniors know is that the only thing constant in this world is change.  You could be looking for a new Southeast Texas church home for any number of reasons: Maybe the church you’ve attended your whole life is changing. New preacher. New style of music. If you miss what you are used to, perhaps another church would be a better fit for you. Often when our spouses don’t... Read More


Happy Fourth Of July!

4th of July Beaumont TX, Independence Day Beaumont TX, fireworks Beaumont TX

Happy 4th of July to all of our Southeast Texas Senior Citizens We wish you a wonderful holiday, with lots of quality family time. The 4th of July is a wonderful time to reflect on what it means to be an American. It is also a time to enjoy some of our Southeast Texas summer favorites: Slow smoked Southeast Texas style barbecue – pulled pork or brisket with grilled chicken quarters and Zummo’s links. Home made ice cream. Blue Bell is outstanding, but there is something... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.