Be a Santa to a Southeast Texas Senior This Christmas

Be a Santa to a Senior Southeast Texas, Be a Santa to a Senior Beaumont Tx, Be a Santa to a Senior SETX

Help a Southeast Texas Senior This Christmas Be a Santa to a Senior in The Golden Triangle

With so many older adults living alone and in poverty, some Southeast Texas area seniors will undoubtedly be struggling to make ends meet this holiday season.

With the support of the Nutrition Service Center, Some Other Place, area retailers, volunteers and members of the community, the local Be a Santa to a Senior Program of Southeast Texas will collect and distribute gifts to seniors who might otherwise spend the holiday alone.

Be a Santa to a senior Southeast Texas, be a Santa to a senior SETX, Be A Santa to a Senior Port Arthur

The Be a Santa to a Senior Program in Southeast Texas will kick off November 5th and run through December 20th. Christmas trees, which will go up in a number of area locations (see list below), will feature ornaments with the first names of the seniors and their respective gift requests.

Holiday shoppers are asked to pick up an ornament off special Be a Santa to a Senior  in Southeast Texas Christmas trees, buy items on the list and return them unwrapped to the store, along with the ornament attached.

Be A Santa to a Senior SETX, Be A Santa to a Senior Southeast Texas, Beaumont senior charities

The Be A Santa to a Senior Golden Triangle staff and volunteers  will then collect, wrap and distribute the gifts.

“Be a Santa to a Senior” in Southeast Texas is another way to say ‘thank you’ to the many seniors who have made such important contributions to our community throughout the years.

For more information about the program, visit or call (409) 892-7494.

Be a Santa to a Senior Tree Locations:

  • Family Pharmacy, Beaumont
  • John Wayne Hair Stylist, Beaumont
  • Kroger, Beaumont
  • Legacy Beaumont, Beaumont
  • Prosperity Bank, Beaumont
  • Regional Planning Commission, Beaumont
  • Wesley United Church, Beaumont
  • Bone & Joint, Beaumont
  • Bronze Body, Beaumont
  • Capital One locations in Beaumont
  • Carmella restaurant, Beaumont
  • Chick-Fil-A in the Parkdale Mall, Beaumont
  • Christian Fellowship Church, Beaumont
  • Compass Bank locations in Beaumont
  • CVS on Highway 105, Beaumont
  • CVS on Phelan, Beaumont
  • Family Worship Center, Beaumont
  • Harbor Corp/Clinic, Beaumont
  • Harbor Hospice, Beaumont
  • Health South Hospital, Beaumont
  • HEB Grocery, Beaumont
  • JC Penney’s, Beaumont
  • Kaplan College, Beaumont
  • Kings Pharmacy, Beaumont
  • M&D Hardware, Beaumont
  • Macy Dept. Store, Beaumont
  • Market Basket on Fwy 105, Beaumont
  • Market Basket on Phelan, Beaumont
  • Pink Chandelier, Beaumont
  • Sam’s Club, Beaumont
  • Tina’s Heavenly Touch, Beaumont
  • Walgreen’s on Calder, Beaumont
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy on Dowlen, Beaumont
  • Westgate Baptist Church, Beaumont
  • World Gym, Beaumont
  • Bridge City School Administration Building, Bridge City
  • CVS Pharmacy, Bridge City
  • Family Pharmacy, Bridge City
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Bridge City
  • Orange Building Supply, Buna
  • CVS Pharmacy on Hwy 365, Port Arthur
  • HEB Grocery Store, Port Arthur
  • Balero Refinery, Port Arthur
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy on Hwy 365, Port Arthur
  • Bronze Body, Port Arthur
  • Central Mall, Port Arthur
  • Kings Pharmacy on 9th Ave, Port Arthur
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Port Neches
  • Bronze Body, Port Neches
  • CVS Pharmacy, Silsbee
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Silsbee
  • ACE Hardware, Vidor
  • Bronze Body, Vidor
  • Compass Bank, Visor
  • CVS Pharmacy, Vidor
  • Family Pharmacy, Vidor
  • Orange Building Supply, Vidor
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Vidor
  • Wal-Mart, Vidor
  • Five Point Credit Union, Nederland
  • Market Basket, Nederland
  • Harbor Hospice, Jasper
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Jasper
  • Big Lots, Groves
  • CVS Pharmacy, Groves
  • Market Basket, Groves
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Groves
  • Bronze Body, Lumberton
  • CVS Pharmacy, Lumberton
  • M&D Hardware, Lumberton
  • Market Basket, Lumberton
  • Orange Building Supply, Lumberton
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Lumberton
  • ACE Hardware, Orange
  • Bealls, Orange
  • Beaty Insurance, Orange
  • compass Bank, Orange
  • CVS Pharmacy on 16th St., Orange
  • CVS Pharmacy near the hospital, Orange
  • Palais Royal, Orange
  • Wal-Mart, Orange
  • Bronze Body, Orange
  • Market Basket, Orange
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Orange
  • Family Pharmacy, Mauriceville
  • Market Basket, Mauriceville
  • Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy, Winnie
  • Prosperity Bank, Winnie
  • Wilcox Pharmacy, Winnie
  • Dollar Store, Winnie

Note – Southeast Texas Be a Santa to a Senior locations in Southeast Texas are subject to change.

If you are having trouble finding a convenient location near you, please call  (409) 892-7494.

be a Santa to a senior Beaumont Tx, be a Santa to a senior Southeast Texas


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