Beaumont Senior Entertainment: Don’t Miss “September 11th, 2001 A Timeline” at The Fire Museum of Texas

Are you looking for a special edition of Beaumont Senior Entertainment?

Today we’re highlighting the special exhibit “September 11th, 2001 A Timeline” at The Fire Museum of Texas.

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Year round, the museum is popular with Southeast Texas seniors and grandparents looking for a meaningful entertainment experience and a wonderful value – the museum is free.

This September is a great time for SETX senior citizens and grandparents to visit the Fire Museum of Texas.

The special exhibit chronicles the events of 9/11 in a way that really brings them home for viewers.

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Don’t hesitate to enjoy “September 11th 2001 A Timeline.” It will return to The State Museum of Albany after September 30th.

This is a wonderful exhibit for our readers to enjoy alone or with friends and family.

Don’t miss the opportunity to commemorate 9/11 in an especially meaningful way.

Would you like to bring a group for a special tour?

Call The Fire Museum of Texas to plan your trip – they can even help you reach other Southeast Texas museums and attractions to build your itinerary.

  • Fire Museum of Texas
  • Special Exhibit – September 11, 2001 A Timeline from the New York State Museum
  • 400 Walnut in Downtown Beaumont
  • (409) 880-3927

September 11 Beaumont Tx

A big thank-you to The Fire Museum of Texas for bringing this great exhibit to Beaumont.

Don’t miss “September 11th, 2001 a Timeline” now through September 30th at The Fire Museum of Texas in downtown Beaumont Tx.

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