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Southeast Texas diabetics hear a great deal about the importance of diabetes control.

One common question raised by Golden Triangle diabetics is “How do I know if my diabetes is under control”.

One group of Southeast Texas physicians is focused on getting Southeast Texas diabetics answers to these questions and proper treatment for their diabetes. Eastex Physicians Organization (EPO) is dedicated to assisting Southeast Texans with diabetes in every way possible.

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Would you like a coordinated approach to your healthcare? EPO can help.

To begin, here are some notes on how to know if your diabetes is under control.

If you are a Southeast Texas senior suffering from diabetes, your physician will provide you with a target range for your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, your goal will be to keep your blood sugar level as close to the target range indicated by your physician as possible.

As you continue to age, know that your target range may change. Your physician will provide new target levels as appropriate.

The only way to reliably verify that your blood sugar level is close to your personal target range is to measure your blood sugar level several times a day (at intervals directed by your physician) with a glucose meter. For Southeast Texas diabetics, checking your blood sugar levels regularly and keeping a record of the test results is very important — this helps you and your physician make adjustments to your diabetes management plan whenever appropriate.

The glucose meter tells you what your blood sugar level is at the moment you test.

Tips to help Southeast Texas diabetics keep their glucose levels under control:

Keeping blood sugar levels close to normal will be challenging at times. Following a few key steps will help keep your blood sugar levels in the range indicated by your physician:

  • Take your insulin or pills as directed by your doctor.
  • Follow your physician or dietician’s recommended meal plan.
  • Work with your doctor to help you find a proper exercise plan.
  • Check your blood sugar levels as directed and make adjustments as directed by your physician.
  • Visit your doctor regularly.
  • Learn as much as you can about diabetes. This is a disease that your participation will really be a factor in controlling.

Hopefully this has answered many of your questions about how to determine if your diabetes is under control.

East Texas Physician’s Organization (EPO) knows diabetes is a growing problem in our Southeast Texas communities. If you or a loved one would like additional information about diabetes and diabetes control, please call Eastex Physicians Organization: (800) 564-6376.

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