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Has it been hard for you to find the right Southeast Texas senior exercise opportunities?

When I was younger, I did a lot of different activities that were both a lot of fun and where I got most of my exercise. My college roommate and I would lace up our sneakers and just run in whatever direction looked good. At one point we were going three and four miles a day. At one of my first “grown up jobs” I talked some of the guys in my department into starting a flag football team. Another work friend had me fill in when needed on the company volleyball and softball teams. I was never a real athlete, but getting out and doing some exercise with others was nice.  I went through phases of trying to get good at basketball, golf, and tennis.

Like most Southeast Texas seniors, I’m starting to feel a touch older now. I’m probably through playing flag football. I’d probably still enjoy a slower game of basketball or tennis with the right people (I’d say equally slow people).

Like many Southeast Texas seniors, I would like to know more about what’s out there- surely someone is helping put together some fun activities where Southeast Seniors can gather and both have fun and get some quality exercise.

It turns out there are a lot of things to do. Many of them are coordinated by Best Year’s Center in Beaumont.

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One that looks interesting is a low impact aerobics class. I’ve never done aerobics before, but it really seems like a way to really get the heart rate up. There’s no way I’d take a class with a bunch of twenty year olds at the gym, but this one looks like something I could definitely handle. Classes are three days a week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8AM-8:45.

They also have a walking club that I’d like to check out. I like the idea of walking, but I get kind of bored by myself. Also, to be honest, I have trouble getting out of my chair to go walk by myself. I think that joining a group, it will be much easier for me to be motivated- especially as I get to know the other walkers. They actually walk in Central Park which is next door to the Best Year’s Center near the corner of 4th and College (on the 4th street side- by the old armory. The Best Year’s Center is actually the old Marine recruiting station). The walking club meets Thursday mornings at 7 and does three rounds of the park which is one mile.

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They have a lot of other activities. Not all of them were a fit for me- but some might be perfect for you. One thing you learn, everybody has their own thing.

I know Zumba is really popular now and they have a Zumba program Mondays and Wednesdays from 9AM- 9:30 followed by line dancing from 9:40AM-11:30. Whew! It seems to me like if anyone can do all that  they must already be in pretty good shape.

Who knows? I might just check it out one day. I think I’ll start with the walking club and the low impact aerobics and try to build myself up a bit first.

Find out more on SETXseniors.com (just click on the Best Year’s logo) or on their site: www.beaumontrecreation.com/best_years_center.htm

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