Southeast Texas Waterproof hearing aids allow Seniors to play – Get Yours at Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur

Do you love the outdoors? For Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss, pursuing their hobbies can be a challenge.

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands.

They have pioneered making the latestSoutheast Texas hearing aid technology available for seniors.

Not too long ago Susan Kladitis felt like quitting life.

The young grandmother and native of the gulf coast is an avid kayaker and boater. Kladitis lives for the time she spends on the water with her family. But her old hearing aids placed far too many limitations on her lifestyle.

“My hearing got so bad that when I would go out and socialize, I couldn’t understand what people were saying to me,” Kladitis says. “I didn’t know how to respond. My kids got tired of me asking them to repeat themselves. I got tired of worrying about water damage to my old hearing aids while boating or kayaking. I just wanted to give up and stay home all the time.”

Kladitis is not alone.

Survey reveal that hearing aids are a key factor in Southeast Texas seniors choosing not to participate in everyday activities like water aerobics, swimming, woodworking and jogging. Even a rainy day can change a hearing aid wearer’s daily living, with 29 percent of survey respondents stating that inclement weather affects their daily decisions and use of hearing aids.

“Modern hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for a wearer,” says Dr. Eric Branda, senior manager of product management for Siemens hearing aids.Americans today desire an active, on-the-go lifestyle-regardless of age.

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur has a wide selection of Siemens most current hearing aids – including waterproof and rechargeable models. 

According to the Better Hearing Institute, adults suffering from hearing loss may even face a greater risk of heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

During the past decade, hearing aid manufacturers have recognized the apparent need for more robust solutions for Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss and have introduced water-resistant hearing instruments to the market.

Moving beyond water resistance, the most recent development in hearing aid technology is a completely waterproof and dust proof hearing aid.

Kladitis enjoys the benefits of the hearing industry’s innovations with her recent purchase of Aquaris, the first digital waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant hearing instrument from Siemens hearing aids.

“The moment I put on my new Aquaris hearing aids, life around me felt more complete,” Kladitis says. “I now enjoy kayaking, swimming and boating without worry. I’m able to soak in the nature around me and every little moment spent with my family. I now even get to join in on the impromptu water fights with my grandkids.”

Sweat, dirt and dust can make it difficult for traditional hearing aid wearers to enjoy daily activities, like gardening, woodworking, swimming, biking, hiking and team sports. But with waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant capabilities in place, today’s modern hearing aids can keep pace with active America – and the millions of Americans with hearing loss are much closer to living the seamless, active lifestyles they desire.

In Southeast Texas, you can find the Aquaris hearing aids by Siemens at Trinity Hearing and Balance Center, located in Port Arthur.

Trinity Hearing and Balance is the Southeast Texas hearing aid specialist.

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