Southeast Texas Hospice News – Hospice Saves Medicare Dollars

Senior Health News for East Texas and the Golden Triangle “How Hospice Care Saves Money for Medicare” On Today’s Southeast Texas Hospice News we examine the ways hospice saves Medicare dollars. Many Southeast Texas seniors have questions about hospice care in the Golden Triangle. Harbor Hospice is committed to helping Golden Triangle seniors get comprehensive news and information about Southeast Texas hospice care. Today we look at how hospice care saves Medicare... Read More

Beaumont Senior Medical Information: Who is eligible for Hospice Care? Harbor Hospice.

Hospice Care Guide for East Texas and The Golden Triangle Region Who is Eligible for Hospice Care? When you’re looking for Beaumont senior medical and health information, SETX Seniors is here to help. Today we look at eligibility for hospice care in Southeast Texas. Southeast Texas Hospice Care has grown significantly over the last two decades. This has led to more and more requests from Beaumont seniors about hospice care- what hospice care is, what hospice care offers,... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.