Beaumont Senior Activities: Volunteering with the Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Program

Beaumont Senior Activities – Volunteer as a Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent Beaumont senior volunteer programs can be a blessing both for Beaumont seniors and those they assist. The Southeast Texas Foster Grandparent program has been a wonderful organization for seniors wanting to play a meaningful role in assisting children who need their love, patience, and guidance. Beaumont seniors volunteering in the SETX Foster Grandparent program volunteer in schools, hospitals,... Read More

Orange County Tx Medicare Advantage Plan Information

Medicare Advantage Plan Information for Orange County TX Orange County seniors are hearing a lot about Medicare Advantage Plans. In today’s SETX Seniors Spotlight, we’ll answer some basic questions starting with “What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?” Orange Texas seniors can choose to either stay with Medicare or opt for a customized “Medicare Advantage Plan”. To help you make that decision, it is helpful to understand what a Medicare Advantage Plan is... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Speech Therapy and Home Health

Southeast Texas In Home Speech Therapy for Seniors – Quality Care Services of Beaumont A stroke or injury can lead Southeast Texas seniors to requiring speech therapy for the first time. Fortunately, Southeast Texas senior speech therapy can often be conducted in the home as part of Home Health Care. If you don’t know what to expect, here is an overview of Speech Therapy for Southeast Texas seniors. The primary focus of speech and language pathologists is to provide skilled... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Diabetes Care and Foot Wounds

Diabetes continues to be a growing concern for Southeast Texas senior citizens. Southeast Texas home health agencies like Harbor Home Health are creating diabetes management plans for each senior’s specific needs. One serious Southeast Texas senior health issue that is directly related to diabetes is foot wounds. A Southeast Texas senior diabetic’s foot and ankle are especially vulnerable to wound problems. A Golden Triangle senior diabetic’s foot and ankle are prone... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Diabetes News from EPO – Eastex Physician Organization

What happens if Diabetes is not under control? by Eastex Physician Organization – EPO. Diabetes continues to be a growing issue across the Golden Triangle. Southeast Texas diabetics do have an ally in getting both important information about diabetes and in controlling the disease. Eastex Physicians Organization is dedicated to helping combat diabetes across Southeast Texas. One big issue seen by EPO physicians is the dangers Southeast Texas diabetics face when their diabetes... Read More

Beaumont Home Health and Golden Triangle Senior Wound Care

It is an unfortunate reality of getting older that most Southeast Texas seniors will one day require wound care (an example of wound care is the steps taken to ensure that a condition such as a foot ulcer related to diabetes heals correctly). Harbor Home Health understands the frustration and discomfort Southeast Texas seniors face when dealing with a wound. Dealing with the pain, the medications, and properly changing the coverings can be a seemingly unmanageable task. For many... Read More is the only comprehensive senior lifestyle website for Southeast Texas Seniors. is dedicated to being informative to all things of concern to seniors, their families and their caregivers.